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Watch the FOX 4 News Team Try Fortnite Dances, Cringe Overloaded

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Fortnite dances and emotes are a worldwide phenomenon at this point. Everyone is trying out these dance moves, even the FOX 4 news team. Professionalism and general decency on camera which should be maintained by a journalist when down the drain; when the entire FOX 4 news team made a fool of themselves trying to perform Fornite emotes.

While they were unprofessional, it is fun for us to watch and cringe over. Three members of the team try the “L” dance, Orange Justice, and the Hype dance. The end result is pretty hilarious as they mics, fumble, and what not.

Fortnite craze is taking over the world to a point where parents are now actually hiring tutors for kids. There have been a number of instances where parents hired someone to tutor their kids in Fortnite. These people teach kids how to perform and be better at the game.

It won’t be long before we see tutors teaching Fortnite emotes to kids and teens as well.

On the other hands, while Fortnite dances are pretty popular even among those who don’t play, actual players of the game are becoming addicted to every aspect of this game. A 9-year old girl was reportedly sent to rehab after she refused to stop playing the game. Seeing how Fortnite addiction is spreading,  a school in the U.S banned Fortnite dances on campus.

We want our school to be one in which human beings treat each other with kindness and appreciation.

Fortnite is for 12 years plus. Fortnite is about the mass killing of other human beings and being awarded by a dance of celebration if you are successful.

One of these dances is called the Nazi dance!

Fortnite is extremely addictive and playing violent games is associated with real-life aggressive behavior and mental health issues.

Children in our school have been using these dances to surround and intimidate other children

How many Fortnite dances can you perform? Which one is your favorite?

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