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ShaqFu Guide – Exclamation Marks, Kicks, Moves, Bosses

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Everyone wants to be a world-famous basketball star but that is not so easy. This ShaqFu Guide has a lot of different tips and tricks to help you be more effective including how to best use the kicks and the special moves. Our ShaqFu Guide will tell you some of the things that you may not have noticed when you started playing the game but are critical to having a good time while playing the game.

ShaqFu Guide

Let us go ahead and look at some of the ways which you can follow to make yourself much better at this new side-scrolling platformer. There are many different hilarious moves for you to do and fans of the legend will definitely enjoy getting to have fun with some of the inside jokes of Shaq’s career.

Exclamation Marks

When you see an exclamation mark, it will mean that the enemies can be taken out with a special attack. You can see the mark if some of the enemies get stunned. When you see the mark, you will be able to perform a special attack which is unique to that character. This attack is very fun to see and deals a ton of damage.

Charging Your Kicks

Whenever you use your normal attacks, you will see a Kick Meter begin to charge. You can use the kick button to deal extra damage. The more charged your meter is, the higher the damage dealt by the kick button. For that reason, try to charge up your kicks as much as you can before unleashing them on an enemy.

Vertical Dodge

You can double tap the down or the up button to perform a dodge roll in that direction. This means that you will be able to dodge in that direction to either reposition yourself or avoid attacks from tough enemies like the bosses.

Special Moves

You can use the special moves that you have such as the charge quite a lot. The charge can be used to interrupt enemies and get you out of tough situations. It charges very fast so do not be afraid of running out of it.

You can also use the Earthshatter to take out enemies in an area around you. It is slower to charge up but not that slow and it can still be used quite a lot. You also get energy back for your normal attacks, so it is best to use your energy freely and do not worry.

Beating the Bosses

Bosses are very different from the other enemies since they are a lot stronger. Frizzle is the first boss and is a good training ground. He has a charge up punch preceded by his glowing green hands.

You can dodge roll out of the way. His special attack which has a gold chain necklace swinging round can be predicted as he shouts ‘Merry Go Round’ before the chain is swung.

The second boss is all about keeping your distance. Destroy the power generators first to stun Arthur and then attack him.

Once he regains consciousness, repeat the process to defeat him. Like Arthur, all bosses have certain tendencies which they tend to follow so take note of them to eventually defeat them.

That is all we have for our ShaqFu Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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