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Free-To-Play PS4 Title Let It Die Releases On PC This Fall

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Let it Die is undeniably one of the most loved free-to-play titles on PlayStation 4. Additionally, it’s one of the few exclusive games of that type on the console making it even more enticing for players to get into. That was up until now since the game is headed to PC this autumn, bringing more players to its souls-like dystopia.

After its release on PlayStation 4, Let it Die managed to get a big fanbase not only players that got into it by playing but also it was fun to watch for us non-console gamers. However, we couldn’t help but wonder, will we be able to see it released on the PC at some point? The answer is yes! And pretty soon as well.

According to Let it Die’s publisher GungHo, the game will release on Steam for PC at some point this Fall, with no additional information about its release date. Its Steam page is not up yet either, so it might be a few weeks before we actually get to see at what state the game will be ported for PC systems.

The big question is, will Let it Die get any kind of updates due to its release on PC or will it be just a straight-up port of the 2016 title? Nothing is revealed yet, however, it’s safe to expect some kind of new content alongside its PC launch.

Let it Die, originally known as Lily Bergamo, is a hack n slash souls-like game on Playstation 4 set in a not so distant future. The game is filled with Japanese and Western themes and its art style is one of its strongest points. The game has managed to get a big fanbase on Sony’s console over the past years, even though it was frequently accused of having too many microtransactions tied to its progression.

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