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GOG Is Interested In Streaming Technology, Believes It’s Another Layer Of DRM

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Over the last year, a great deal of discussion has been made regarding the video game streaming technology and whether or not it can actually make an impact on the industry. Publishers, developers and third-party sellers alike have already embraced the idea of it, including the GOG platform, who thinks of it as another layer of DRM but it still won’t affect hardcore players.

In a recent discussion with Gamesindustry.biz, GOG.com head of global communication Lukasz Kukawski talked about his company’s view of the streaming technology and how it can fit their DRM-free policy. He said:

“We don’t see it as a thing that will take over games distribution, Out stance in digital distribution is to own the games because they are DRM free, and for many gamers, this is very important. With streaming, there’s another layer to it. You already have games with DRM, so it’s more like licensing games than owning them. And streaming is more like renting a game, so it’s another layer to this ongoing discussion.”

However, he believes that the introduction of streaming services in the video game industries will make “casual” gamers happy since they’ll be able to play their favorite games anywhere, but that won’t be the case for hardcore gamers too, which is the percentage of users that GOG strives to have on its platform, according to Kukawski. He said:

“It will have its market because it’s a cool concept to play a game on your Macbook Air, which is not really a gaming [platform], but I do believe hardcore or more advanced gamers will still want to own the games. They’re building their collections on their services. And if you’re a super hardcore gamer and counting the [frames per second] on games, the delay you have in streaming will be there always.”

Kukawski pointed out that the streaming technology offers publishers another form of DRM, an idea the industry has always been interested in. They still have a lot of room for improvement, however, it’s a good thing that GOG is evolving into the recent technology trends and they are willing to adapt to what the industry dictates without compromising their policies.

You can read more about Kukawski’s interview by heading to Gamesindustry.biz.

What’s your view on the matter? Do you believe that the streaming technology is another way of protecting games, like GOG’s DRM-free policy? Let us know in the comments below.

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