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Jackmaster apologises for ‘inappropriate and offensive’ behaviour

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Jackmaster has issued an apology after “inappropriate and offensive behaviour’ towards staff at the recent Love Saves The Day festival.

The Scottish DJ, real name Jack Revill, was performing at the Bristol festival back in May before he received a backlash for his actions towards those working there. Now, he’s issued an apology to ‘unequivocally’ apologise – claiming he was “heavily intoxicated” during the incident.

“I am firm believer in equality and treating people with respect,” he wrote on Facebook. “As such, I want to deeply, unequivocally and publicly apologise for my actions and behaviour at Love Saves The Day festival this year.

“I behaved inappropriately and offensively to staff at the event, and damaged equipment, whilst heavily intoxicated. Although I don’t recognise the person recounted to me, I take full responsibility for my actions and the effect on those involved – I am sorry.:

Revill added: “As much as this was out of character: substances are an individual’s choice, not an excuse. I have already made major changes to my lifestyle, and will continue these ongoing. Over the last few weeks I have done everything in my ability to confront and address the repercussions of my actions head-on, and apologise personally to those that I affected. This post will serve to remind me that my behaviour was unacceptable, and it is a bid to address issues in the wider events and music industries.

“I appreciate the professionalism of Love Saves the Day for taking a strong stance for their staff, whilst maintaining openness throughout.”

Love Saves The Day festival later responded by telling fans: “We received complaints from our staff as to the behaviour of Jack at our Love Saves The Day Festival this summer. We took the complaints extremely seriously and fully investigated the incidents.

“Jack met with us and representatives of the staff involved and showed genuine remorse, full responsibility for his actions plus an undertaking to ensure that his behaviour would never be repeated at any event in the future.”

They continued: “Our staff and family have accepted his apology and consider this matter closed, whilst reserving the right to further pursue complaints at such point in the future that we are ever aware of this behaviour being repeated.

“Love Saves the Day takes the welfare if its staff and family extremely seriously and will never tolerate any unacceptable behaviour towards them, from any member the public, contractors, or artists.”

Jackmaster made headlines last year when he took online to speak out against sexism in the world of dance music.

Referring to comments that he recently heard about female DJs – though he wouldn’t name who made the comments in question, stating “this isn’t a witch hunt” – Jackmaster then apologised for staying silent on the subject for so long.

“Tonight was the first time that the plight and/or prejudice surrounding females in the music industry truly hit home and resonated with me,” he wrote. “It is way, waaay too easy to be ignorant to the fact as a male DJ in a privileged position. There is something very wrong here.

“To hear the things that I heard said about females in the industry tonight were fucking not acceptable. I apologise for my prior ignorance and silence on the subject. That stops now.”

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