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Tarantino Casts Inhumans Star As Bruce Lee In Once Upon a Time In Hollywood

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Mike Moh's role in Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood has been revealed as martial arts legend Bruce Lee. Production is currently underway on the director's ninth feature film, which is described as a Pulp Fiction-esque journey to 1969 Hollywood. The main story revolves around an aging TV star (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his stunt double (Brad Pitt) as they look to make a name for themselves again in the industry. As has become standard with Tarantino productions, the star-studded cast is a who's who of big names, adding to the anticipation.

By 1969, Lee already had a number of credits to his name, and was best known by American audiences as Kato on the Green Hornet TV show. He also started to break into feature films with a small role in the neo-noir film Marlowe. And, most prominently as far as Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is concerned, Lee was a fight choreographer for The Wrecking Crew, which starred Sharon Tate. Now, we know Lee will be a character in Tarantino's latest.

According to The Wrap, the role belongs to Moh, who portrayed Triton on Inhumans. The actor was revealed as part of the cast earlier this year, but his part was not disclosed at the time. Moh playing Lee in the film is quite appropriate, seeing that he has paid tribute to Lee multiple times - particularly via YouTube videos.

Lee's role in the film is expected to be small, and his ties to Tate are where he should factor in. The infamous Charles Manson murders are set to be a key background element in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, and Tate (played by Margot Robbie) was one of the most prominent victims. For a period after her death, Tate's husband, Roman Polanski, thought Lee had committed the crime. So while Moh's screen time should be brief, he'll probably get a chance to shine in a few scenes dealing with this subplot. Back in February, it was reported Polanski would be a character in Tarantino's latest, though there's been no word on who could be portraying the disgraced film director.

Tarantino's fans know the auteur has a great deal of admiration for Lee, and ideally that love comes through onscreen in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. The film is shaping up to be one of 2019's biggest offerings, with an A-list cast and crew and a prime summer release date. After Tarantino's The Hateful Eight failed to make much of an impression on the awards circuit in 2015, the hope is he'll find himself back in the race with this effort. After all, there are few things the Academy loves more than movies about movies.

Release Date:

  • Once Upon A Time In Hollywood (2019) release date: Jul 26, 2019

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