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Diablo 3 is Coming to Nintendo Switch THIS YEAR

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The rumored Diablo 3 port to Nintendo Switch is definitely in the works, and will actually be released this year. Blizzard's long-running action RPG, which was initially released back in 2012, has seen ports on most devices under the sun, and adding the game to the Switch's roster is the next step for the acclaimed title.

Fans of the franchise have known that Blizzard has been working on something new for the Diablo series for a while now. The company revealed that it had an unannounced Diablo project in the works earlier this year, before confirming that in fact the company had multiple Diablo games on the go in various stages of development. Up next for the series is the chance to duke it out with Nintendo's strong first-party roster for the Switch.

The news was released a little sooner than Blizzard anticipated, however. As spotted by Riomegon over on Reddit, Forbes published an article today that confirmed the existence of Diablo 3 on Nintendo Switch, as well as confirming both a launch of later this year and a wealth of content for the game based on The Legend of Zelda. One of these items is a Ganondorf skin for the title, which can be seen below.

The Switch version of Diablo 3 is set to be known as the "Eternal Collection," and will include both the "Reaper of Souls" expansion and the "Rise of the Necromancer" expansion. As well as this, the game will also include all the other additional content for the game, but perhaps the best of the bunch is the extra Legend of Zelda content. According to the leak, the Switch version will include "the Legend of Ganondorf cosmetic armor set, Tri-Force portrait frame, Chicken pet, and Echoes of the Mask cosmetic wings."

As Nintendo's premier fantasy property, it perhaps makes the most sense for The Legend of Zelda to be tied to this Diablo 3 release. However, some may have been hoping for a different Nintendo franchise tie-in for the game. After all, with Luigi getting murdered in the last Smash Bros. trailer, surely there's space for the beloved brother to appear in the "Reaper of Souls" expansion somewhere.

Although Blizzard has not yet confirmed the news itself, it has now been revealed by Kotaku, so Switch owners will want to keep an eye out for a release date soon. However, this news does lead to a big headache for Nintendo - where does this Zelda content fit on its always-complex timeline?

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