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Riot Games Responds To Tencent Relationship Controversy

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There have been reports regarding Riot Games declining numbers and that it is getting some unwanted attention from Tencent. Riot Games talked about the matter and here we are going to look into what the creator of League of Legends had to say in this regard:

Tencent has believed in us since our early days, and together we’ve collaborated to bring League of Legends to players around the world. And we’re just getting started. We love Tencent as a partner, publisher, and owner. There have been times where there were tensions between us—including [Arena of Valor]—but we worked through those. We have an incredibly strong relationship built on collaboration and a shared vision for what we can do for players.

Tencent is a huge company and acquired the major shares in Riot Games a while back. Other than that the company is also preparing its own platform that will take on Steam. Steam has a huge library of game and has been in the business for a while not but Tencent is also a major player and it will be interesting to see what will go down.

Reports claim that Tencent also talked to Riot Games about porting League of Legends to Mobile in order to cater to a bigger market. Fortnite Mobile and PUBG have done pretty well on the mobile platform and that could very well be the case for LoL as well. Riot Games further went on to mention the following:

We always expect players’ relationships with League to ebb and flow, like it does with any game. League is down from its peak, but still doing incredibly well by any metric except its own very high watermark. We’re excited to bring new games (yes “s”) to players soon and have no plans to slow down on League now or ever.

This is the official statement from Riot Games. For more information regarding the matter stay tuned. We will be talking about this as the story matures.

Let us know what you think about this matter and whether or not you think something bigger is going on behind the scenes.

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