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[Review] SeedMyBox

Guest M00sA

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Guest M00sA

Name: SeedMyBox

Speed: 1Gbit

Support: Excellent

GUI: rutorrent

Speed of GUI: 10/10

Package: Platinum Plan

Price: 32.99 €/ month

Overall rating: 9.5/10

Package Features:

Bandwidth Unmetered

Unlimited Torrents

Disc Space 210GB

Network Connection 1 Gbit/s

WebUI ruTorrent

Setup Time 1 Hour

Users Per Server 5-6 Users

Live support


Encrypted FTP sessions


HTTP proxy/PHP proxy

Unrar via Rutorrent

Remote control (Check quota, & restart)

Filemanager (Watch/listen/View Audio/Videos/Text

My Review:

The download speeds were amazing. Max was about 45MB/s - 55 MB/s, and the average @10-15MB/s. And the upload speeds were also very good. I saw a max. speed of 45MB/s, but usually it was around 10-15MB/s. I uploaded a torrent and i was seeding it for a whole hour at speed 20MB/s. The box has irssi plugin installed. I tried downloading through normal RSS and irssi, and both is working well I uploaded about 300-400GB per day

There price plans are very competitive and there's one to suit any user,

Overall my experience with them is excellent and I would highly recommend them.

Go check them out for yourself and see what think.


Here some snaps of my box:




Thanks for reading my review :)

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