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Guest Chogi

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Guest Chogi

Paypal is an online money managing "merchant" site. People tend to use it to buy/sell products as well as many other uses. When a Paypal is first made, there is always the hassle of a spending limit. It usually increased by adding a credit card or get rid of all-together by adding a bank account/applying for a Paypal Credit Card.

In this guide, I will teach you, step-by-step, on how to verify Paypal using NetSpend.

First go to : http://www.netspend.com : and register an account there

Once you are on that page, fill out the fields with you're REAL information and after everything is done on the page click on finish

After clicking on "finish" It should take you to the next page. There, you have to submit your email address along with your phone number and a desired Username. After that they will ask you to set a password

After verification, you must login on this URL : https://www.netspend.com/account/authenticate.m

After you log-into the account, go under the Add/Manage money tab. There should be a sub-section called Paypal Transfers , click on that sub-section

Read the instructions on that page on how to further verify your Paypal.

Next, you can either open up a new tab or a new browser. Go the Paypal site (http://www.Paypal.com) and go to the top where it says "Get Verified"

Choose "Get Verified by adding your Bank Account"

Once you pull up the screen, type in the information you were supplied on your NetSpend account.

Now you have to wait 2-3+ business days. Paypal will send your NetSpend bank account 2 increments of small change.

Enter it in on the Paypal Bank Verification page.

That's it where done , Nothin to it.

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Guest jwisie

lmao i sell netspend prepaid debit cards at my job,

they are good to have, especially used mostly for online purchasing.

its like a dollar per transaction( im not sure if it cost for online, im pretty sure it does)

im verifying my paypal account with it tho, its safer

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