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Pedro’s Special Happy Hours

Guest asdasdasd

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Guest asdasdasd

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Okay guys,

listen closely because this is some exciting shit. We are going to have a week of Happy Hours (= 7 days = 168 hours). How about that? There is one not so tiny but though. We need to get 300 users on our IRC. Last time we wanted 250 we ended up having 267, so we are pretty sure we can do it. 300 is the number we want.

Countdown starts instantly. Go ahead, join and idle on our IRC. We give you almost 3 weeks to hit the number. Happy Hours, assuming there will be 300 people on IRC, will start on Sunday, 6 November 00:00 (CEST/tracker time) and end on 13 November 00:00 (CEST).

PM your friends, PM your inviters and invitees, and tell ‘em to join our IRC now!

Also, September IRC prizes will be awarded shortly. This time it’s going to be something smaller, yet still useful: +10GB to your upload credits.

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