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Lily Allen speaks out on past relationship and fight with Mike Skinner

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Kasabian once broke up a fight between them in 2007

Lily Allen has addressed a fight she once had with The Streets‘ Mike Skinner in her new memoir, My Thoughts Exactly.

Back in 2007, Allen spoke of a fight she had with Skinner backstage at Australia’s Big Day Out festival – before Kasabian came along to break it up.

Now in My Thoughts Exactly, Allen has spoken of how a crush she had on Skinner in the mid ’00s blossomed when they later ended up in bed together at Fuji Rock Festival. “We didn’t actually have sex,” Allen wrote, “But we we had a great time and I fell in love with him.

“That’s what I thought, at least, and if you believe you’re in love, even when it’s based on fantasy, it feels vital and urgent to be with that person,” she continued. “But once we got back to England, Mike Skinner didn’t want to be with me at all.

“I was, like, ‘What’s going on?’ And he was, like, ‘Stop calling me because otherwise my girlfriend is going to find out’. It was horrible.”

Allen then goes on the describe an encounter they had years later at Big Day Out 2007, when she was due on stage shortly after The Streets.

“As far as he was concerned I was just some girl he’d boned at a festival in Japan,” writes Allen. “I wasn’t ‘some’ girl any longer. I was bigger and better than him, and I could tell him to get off the stage because it was my turn now.

“I could have taken the high road, behaved well and been polite. But I couldn’t manage it. I got hammered on stage drinking Jagermeister, and, after the show when Mike Skinner’s manager was rude to me, instead of rising above it, I lost it. I kicked in doors, threw stuff, screamed, cried and had to be dragged away by the guys from Kasabian, who were playing on the same festival. I guess something was going on that played out.”

She then ends the tale by admitting that while she was more successful that Skinner at that time, she believes he is ‘better artistically and as a songwriter’. Allen then went on to hire Skinner’s band to play on her second album and subsequent tour.

Skinner is yet to respond to Allen’s comments in the book.

My Thoughts Exactly by Lily Allen is out now.

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