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Seed.ST LITE - $10/m OR $3/w 225GB HDD - 100mbit - instant setup

Guest Ersan

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Guest Ersan


You can login and also see plans and availability at https://www.seed.st. You may login immediately after you pay.


These are lower-end seedbox slots available for very low prices, for our high-end SSD servers see this thread.

OVH France OR S4U Germany datacenter

100mbps server connection (shared between users on each server)

225GB hard drive space

Unlimited Upload/Download speed, no caps.

Unlimited active torrents

ruTorrent web interface with all plugins (RSS downloader, ratio manager, create torrent, etc.)

FTP/FXP (SSL/TLS and unencrypted) access.

SSH not allowed

Public Trackers (thepiratebay, etc) not allowed.

Instant automatic setup.

2GB dedicated RAM per user.

$10.00 per month OR $3.00 per week

NO REFUNDS - purchase for 1 week if you want to try the box.

Order Now Posted Image

Setup and Quotas

Setup is instant and automatic, after you subscribe via paypal when you click 'return to site' it will take you to the login page for your ruTorrent. If you go over your quota your download speed will be limited to 1kb/s, your torrents will not be stopped and your upload will continue to run normally. Once you delete some files the download speed will be restored automatically.


You can contact us directly for live support on IRC at irc.p2pirc.org channel #seed

OR e-mail us at admin@seed.st


I am very open to suggestions and I am a very capable web programmer with the resources to implement a lot of ideas, so let me know if there's any features that would entice you to buy!


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