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Problem with port forwarding .. any help?

Guest Mr.Mustache

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Guest Mr.Mustache

Hey everyone,

I got addicted with this game League of Legends these couple of weeks and when I play at my friends apartment I get low ping and there is now problem with connection at all .. but when I play in my apartment its laggy and I get really high ping.

What I tried:

1- Downloaded Netlimiter to figure ut if there is any program using the internet .. found nothing.

2- Removed antivirus and disabled firewall.

3- Tried portforward.com to figure out how to configure my router but couldn't get to the control page.

the tutorial at portforward.com says that I need to use my Gateway IP address (which I could find by typing the coomand ipconfig in dos) I did that but still I can't get to the router setup page.

My router manufacturer is Telsey

Any help would be appreciated ..

and let me knnow if you need any other information ..

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