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How to make unlimited Gmail accounts.

Guest tannersmith

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Guest tannersmith

What you will need:

A android or iOS device (you can also use emulators on your computer)

textfree app:



The primary obstacle preventing creating a bunch of gmail accounts is that there is SMS verification (unadvoidable) and a cell phone number is only allowed to create 5-6 accounts max. However with textfree you will be able to create infinite phone numbers capable of receiving text, and therefore infinite google accounts.


Step 1) Download the textfree app on your mobile device. Sign up for a free account, put random shit in the blanks because you're not going to have to remember them anyways. Skip the facebook shit. Finally, choose a phone number.

Step 2) Go to gmail.com and sign up for a account. Continue until you reach to SMS verification step.

Step 3) Take out your mobile device and launch to textfree app, hit "settings". You should see your textfree number under the "account info". Type that number into the SMS verification. You should revieve a text from google within 10 secs. Enter the confirmation code you have just recieved.

Step 4) repeat steps 2-3 until you reached the max numbers of codes, then simply log out and sign up for a new account at textfree.

I made about 50 gmail accounts using this.


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