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[Guide] How to use RSS autodownload with Deluge without any addons

Guest Mr.Mustache

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Guest Mr.Mustache

This is just a simple and quick idea I figured it out.

I tried all other addons and hated them 'cause they're kind of tricky and involves command line and boring stuff

for those who want it simple and easy ..


1- You have a dedicated linux server.

2- You know how to install Deluge and other programmes. If you don't then google it. There are tons of tutorials out there.

How it works:

1- Download and install Deluge

2- Change setting like in this image:

Posted Image

3- Download wine then run utorrent version 2.0.4 ( This veersion worked for me ). Search tutorials for how to use wine if you're not familiar with it.

4- Now since utorrent has an advanced RSS tool, you can set up your autodownload easily with it ( again if you don't know how to configure utorrent autodownload rss then find out how )

5- Change utorrent setting like in the image

Posted Image

and change RSS setting as well. tick don't download automatically box. We don't want utorrent to download stuff.

Posted Image


The idea here is to download new stuff automatically via utorrent RSS tool

1- That is to download only the .torrent files without starting download of the actual files.

2- The .torrent file will go to \home\user\Torrents\ folder.

3- Deluge has been set to download any .torrent from the mentioned folder.

P.S. If this is the wrong section for submitting guides then staff feel free to move it to the appropriate section.

That's it ..

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