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Footloose released

Guest chang

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Guest chang

A new movie Footloose was out on DDL's yesterday.It was posted on various warez sites almost simultaneously,it follows that LFM had this cam version of Footloose for its internal Vips till yesterday after which it was released.

A new release and PA stay out of it?

No they didnt,they had access to the file from LFM but respecting the sites policy of keeping it internal they didnt leak it,but instead CW uploader JcBerry with whom PA tied up recently released a 400 mb version of the movie as soon as it was on DDL's.

The copy released originally has out of sync(OOS) problems,thanks to PA and CW they fixed the OOS problem and released the only copy which is in almost complete sync.

So in one way or other PA has managed to be a step ahead of others as usual.

Also hats off to LFM for the original source and for having it for VIPS on the site....!

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