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torrents vs warez

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Torrents or Warez  

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  1. 1. Which is better torrents or warez

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Guest Electric

Usenet > torrents > DDL imho.

If you're willing to wait a week I'd say 90% of the stuff released on torrent sites (all of them) makes it way onto Usenet/newsgroups within around a week. Often sooner, a few hours after the .torrent is released in many cases. There's no ratio to maintain and it's a very cheap method of downloading. My annual usenet subscription is 90USD a year which I think is very reasonable considering the massive wealth of content available so easily - it's very heavy on film and music. (The "paying to pirate" argument is an entirely different thing).

Torrents ofc need an explanation here but it's a more expensive way of downloading vs. usenet if you donate to a tracker for either upload credit or just for the love and of course seedboxes users are popping up all over the place and making uploading and reaching 1:1 ratio harder for ISP-reliant tracker users. So at the moment torrents are definitely the cheapest way to get the goods but I think with seedboxes and purchasing invites and accounts (ahem!) it's becoming increasingly difficult to be a "100% free pirate".

Despite having Rapidshare Premium account I'm not a fan of DDL. There are some niche download sites I use for film content that just isn't on trackers (inc. more obscure ones like Secret Cinema, Goem and Karagara etc.) but the whole DDL process is slow and the sites containing the links are riddled with adverts which I find annoying - not just static banner ads, noisy, pop-up and animated ones. Grr. If you're not paying for premium access for one of the hosting sites then you also have countdowns and captchas to contend with. Hence DDL is my last resort download method although it does seem to get a lot of content before the trackers do... the incentive for the rippers/cappers/crackers etc. is money earned from some of the download sites from visitors (the downloaders) which doesn't sit too well tbh. Imho pirating someone else's copyright is one thing, pirating it for your own financial gain is quite another. Just mho though.

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