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  1. waffles is good, but what.cd is wayyyyyy better
  2. i just bought one from seedbox.cc, pretty happy with is so far $12 USD
  3. surprised transmission isnt on here noobs.
  4. utorrent and transmission for my seedbox
  5. finally got tehconnection!

  6. i would love to get back in that tracker
  7. I used to be a member of ScL with a really good ratio and the tracker went down, I never heard what happened to it, too bad they had AWESOME packs!
  8. the finale of the sopranos, total horse crap
  9. Do you use a seedbox?

    just bought mine today!
  10. nice review but it is more like what.cd in setup than like waffles...amazing tracker though, one of my favorites!!!
  11. Just got a seedbox to try to get my ratio back up, seeding without one is INCREDIBLY difficult on what.cd
  12. I have used this site extensively and like it a lot, and its free!
  13. grooveshark

    If you like Pandora, check out groove shark, cool internet radio that lets you choose the song, album and artist and make playlists