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Community Guidelines

We like to keep it simple at InviteHawk, but there are a few things that you should keep in mind to make your stay enjoyable.

These guidelines are here to protect those who post, just as much as they are designed to assist those who moderate. By posting here at InviteHawk, you agree to abide by these guidelines and waive any right to continued membership should we deem it necessary to terminate said membership.


  • One account per household. You are not permitted to access another user's account, ever.
  • Vulgar, offensive or otherwise obscene usernames will result in a ban.
  • Impersonating Staff, popular trademarks, or other misleading names is forbidden.
  • Nude or sexualized profile photos, profile cover photos, and signatures are forbidden.


  • This is an English-speaking forum. Use a translator or your post will be removed.
  • Familiarize yourself with the board. Posting in the correct forums will provide you with more timely replies. Please take a moment to search for a solution to your problem before posting a support topic.
  • Please use descriptive topic titles. Topics like "Help!", "Look", or "Error" are not acceptable and will be removed.
  • 15 non-spam posts are required to make file requests. Do not post file requests in the incorrect forums.
  • Think of the human. If you're giving criticism, try to be as constructive as possible and be respectful. Flaming will not be tolerated.
  • If a topic is locked by a Staff member, leave it. Do not create a duplicate topic.
  • You may only bump your topic once every 24 hours, from the date of the last post.
    • Bumping is not permitted anywhere else on this site.
  • Please avoid controversial subjects. Political, racial, and sexual subjects are better left to other communities.
  • Please avoid replying to "dead" topics unless you have something truly constructive to add.
    • Typically, topics older than 1-2 weeks are considered dead. Off-topic threads do not apply.
  • Responding to any content with "thanks", "good", "cool" or anything of the sort is considered spam.
    • This includes one-word responses or "welcome" posts in intro topics.
    • If you feel the need to express gratitude, use the reputation system, the review system, or thank them via PM.
  • When posting a lengthy amount of code, don't just wrap it in Code tags, wrap the code and the Code tags in Spoiler tags. This prevents having to scroll endlessly to move past the code when viewing a topic.
  • Copy / pasting the same message in created topics or creating several pointless spam topics in an effort to fraudulently increase your post count or for any other reason is prohibited.


In light of recent issues involving unethical business practice and dysfunctional websites, we are no longer allowing the advertising of hosting services by regular members. This means you cannot link to, recommend, or otherwise promote a hosting service that is not an accredited name-brand business such as:

  • GoDaddy
  • HostGator
  • iPage
  • BlueHost
  • Arvixe
  • DreamHost
  • Weebly
  • SiteGround
  • NetworkSolutions
  • HostMonster
  • JustHost
  • .. this list is not all-inclusive. If you're unsure if a company belongs on this list, contact an Administrator.

Advertising any independent hosting services (especially your own) will result in the removal of the post/topic and potentially warrant account penalty, with the following exception:

  • Administrators and Moderators, as volunteers to this community, are clearly a trustworthy commodity and therefore completely exempt from this new policy. They can advertise their service or a service they currently use.
  • Junior Moderators, Support, Uploaders and Retired Staff are able to apply for an exemption by contacting an Administrator. Moderators are not permitted to make exemptions.
  • Donators, Advanced Members, and Members are subject to this policy at all times, no exceptions.

As an additional clarification, this does not mean if you are a GoDaddy reseller you can still advertise your services. The issue here is not the service rendered but the capacity in which it is, that all too often results in investment loss or incompetent support.

This advertising policy applies to all features on the website. You may not use your profile, your signature, PMs or any other feature on this site to advertise third-party hosting services.


  • Do NOT send unsolicited support requests to other users or Staff. This includes content that is sexual in nature, solicitation of funds, unsolicited advertising of your site or services, as well as support, product, or service requests. Failure to comply may result in PM and/or account suspensions. This includes asking for support via Discord outside of the intended #support channel.
  • Please do not engage in the trading or exchange of reputation points.
  • Ripped themes are permitted here. Do not respond to download threads attacking the OP, or ranting about rips. You're using a free service.
  • InviteHawk is not a "hacking" community. Discussions of how or encouragement to "hack" (DDOS, etc) will result in suspension(s).
  • While we want to inspire creativity and promote freedom on the internet, we do not provide support for websites that are pornographic in nature.
  • Any content that involves vulnerabilities, compromises their account, or exposes end-users to potentially malicious code is not permitted here.
  • Status updates are not to be used for requesting support, complaining about other users or Staff, or for advertisements of your site, services, or needs.


  • You may advertise your website in your signature, but it must not be of a similar nature to InviteHawk or a third-party hosting provider and it cannot contain pornography or other lewd materials. If you become inactive at InviteHawk, your signature may be removed. You may not advertise for Staff positions in your signature. If you are banned at InviteHawk, your signature will be removed. We will also remove signatures that are nasty and/or not in the spirit of our community guidelines (and you may have action taken against you for that). One site link per signature, please.
  • Pictures are permitted within signatures but keep in mind that large images or images that cause forum lag will be removed. We don't want your signature to hinder the browsing experience of others. Obviously, pictures must comply with our community guidelines. Please refrain from using excessive multi-colored text, flash graphics, or otherwise obnoxious images in your signatures. These are annoying and distracting. In addition, please refrain from using excessive special characters and emoticons in your signatures. Again, these are very distracting. Finally, do not increase the text size to make your forum signature "stand out". The standard text size is absolutely fine. Let's keep the text in signatures somewhat uniform, as crazy varieties just make the forum look sloppy and distracting.
  • Recommended image size is 200px or less.

General Guidelines

Have a good time, act maturely, be friendly, make friends, and discover! That's what this community is all about. Please avoid drama. We dislike it too when things go wrong but there's a report button. Do not "call out" other users - just report their post!

Useful Links:

If you have any questions or if you're hesitant about posting something somewhere, feel free to PM one of our Staff members. We typically reply within a day. This rules may change without any notice from the staff team, in which it is your duty to regularly read the rules for any slight changes.


  • Username:

    Make sure to use a different username on InviteHawk other than the one you use on your Trackers. Follow this rule strictly because we no longer change usernames for Users.

  • Location:

    Make sure to write your Location as to which country are you from. If you write something other than the name of the country such as - 'InviteHawk' , 'My Home' etc , You will be banned immediately.

    Banned Countries:

    Egypt - If you are from Egypt, don't bother Registering as you will be banned as soon as your found.

  • Password:

    Use a strong password for your accounts (forums, trackers and emails). A strong password must be 12 or more digits. And it must contain uppercase letters (A, B, C...), lowercase letters (a, b, c...), numbers (1, 2, 3...) and special characters (#, ^, &...).

    You can click HERE for getting a Safe and Secure Password

  • Files:

    Do not accept any files from your Instant Messenger programs. This way there is a danger the person who is sending you the file, to snatch your IP and Hack your computer.

  • Links:

    Do not click on links from any users. A user maybe send you a link that is supposed to be a proof (or whatever) and when you click on it, to snatch your IP, or to install a virus to your PC.

  • E-mail address:

    Do not post in public your email address, when you are applying for an invite. This way, your account and your inviter's account are in danger. Use Private Messages to tell your email.

  • Screenshots:

    Never tell your tracker's usernames to any users and of course never upload unedited screenshots of your account's in public. Also never send unedited screenshots of your trackers, to any users. You can ask the Staff to confirm if the other user really has the account he is trying to sell/trade.


  • Proxies:

    Proxies and seedbox's IPs are not allowed on InviteHawk.

  • Proof:

    InviteHawk staff members, may ask for unedited proofs of the accounts you are trying to sell / trade. Like thousands other users, you have to trust the staff team. This is the only way, to keep this place safe.

  • Refunds:

    Every seller (or trader) who is giving an account and the account is getting banned, has to refund the other user if that happened withing the next 30 days after the transaction. The rule does not apply for the invites. Cases with banned invites, will be investigated by the staff team.

  • Dupe Accounts:

    Do not create dupe accounts. 1 account per user/IP is allowed.

  • Advertising:

    Advertising any other forums / sites in public or via PMs, is not allowed.

  • Spam:

    Do not spam the board, with useless posts, to increase you post counter. If you like a post, you can give a positive rep to the user.

  • Threads:

    1 thread per user in each section is allowed. 1 bump every 24hours. If you want to open a new thread, it must be 24 hours after your last post and to ask from a staffer to trash your old thread before opening a new one.

  • Begging:

    Do not beg for invites / money. If you want a free invite you can request one from the GiveAway section and if you can't find the invite you are looking for, you can also click HERE to open your own request thread.

    P.S : To open a Request Thread , you need to fulfill certain rules.

  • Language:

    Do not use bad language in forums. Even if you feel that a user deserves it, just report him instead of starting a fight with him.


  • Middleman:

    When you are dealing with a user with a low feedback score or with a user you are not feeling safe to deal with, you can use a middleman. Middleman can be a staff member or a member that both users are trusting.

  • Scammed:

    If a user scammed you, or you are not happy with a deal, feel free to open a dispute thread.

  • Disputes:

    Before opening a dispute, try to contact with the other user and solve your problem. If you finally open it, state your issue, send any proofs to a staffer and don't forget to post the other user's profile link. Proofs via Instant Messengers are not reliable, so deal with users via our forum's Private Messages.

  • Banned countries:

    Before you trade / sell / buy a tracker, make sure that you will check this tracker's banned countries HERE.

  • IP / email / password Change:

    Many trackers ban accounts for country IP change / email /password change. If you are planing to trade / sell your account and this account is connected with your personal email, it's safer to update the profile with a new email NOW. Do not change the email and after some minutes trade the account and have an IP change in the same day.

  • Trusted members:

    It's safer to buy / trade accounts from trusted sellers, who will refund you for sure if there is any problem.

  • Accounts or Invites?:

    Try to buy account + mail, in order to avoid a risky country IP change or an email change from the tracker's profile. Keep in mind, that invites are always safer !

All donation funds are non-refundable because you're getting virtual perks at our community. Please contact us at [email protected] if you get into any trouble.

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