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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Ethan Ethan 04/24/2019 Bought VPN, got the key really fast and everything went smoothly as always with him :D Earthfinder Earthfinder
van Oranje van Oranje 04/24/2019 Thanks MrShooter MrShooter
MrShooter MrShooter 04/24/2019 Thanks. van Oranje van Oranje
LookingForIPTV LookingForIPTV 04/24/2019 Trusted Buyer! Ethan Ethan
C3PR1112 C3PR1112 04/24/2019 Trusted Buyer! Ethan Ethan
counterparts123 counterparts123 04/24/2019 Trusted Buyer! Ethan Ethan
Ma151 Ma151 04/24/2019 Trusted Buyer. Ulquiorra Ulquiorra
Ulquiorra Ulquiorra 04/24/2019 Great and fast ! Ma151 Ma151
ZakSaturday ZakSaturday 04/22/2019 Thx for the fast delivery. kalel01 kalel01
koko666 koko666 04/22/2019 Great Stuff! Worked great! tekashy96 tekashy96
Wilson31 Wilson31 04/21/2019 Very trusted person, fast respond, all the best! Nope. Nope.
Nope. Nope. 04/21/2019 Best in the World, Very Trusted and superb guy Wilson31 Wilson31
Thizzle007 Thizzle007 04/21/2019 Trusted Buyer! Ethan Ethan
Ethan Ethan 04/21/2019 Awesome seller always timely and trustworthy. Have made several transactions!  natcaatc87 natcaatc87
silksilver99 silksilver99 04/21/2019 Trusted Buyer! Ethan Ethan
Aguia Aguia 04/20/2019 Very fast and reliable! Thanks a lot ;) Magent4 Magent4
ktos ktos 04/20/2019 sorry for negative feedback. didnt hear back from you and thought it was scam. couldn't respond to message because "too many posts, must wait 24 hours". Will try for negative feedback removal. gmephy6 gmephy6
Ulquiorra Ulquiorra 04/19/2019 Cheers easy communication and smooth transaction sevenswitch sevenswitch
MrShooter MrShooter 04/19/2019 The best of the best. Thank you MR Shooterr!! isamir321 isamir321
jeferka jeferka 04/18/2019 Trusted Buyer! Ethan Ethan
MrShooter MrShooter 04/18/2019 Excellent member. Very trustworthy and responds quickly. biggmike87 biggmike87
Ethan Ethan 04/18/2019 Thank you very much 9aadi 9aadi
Ethan Ethan 04/17/2019 I'm still learning the ropes for this site but its amazing! quick reply's are awesome.Thank You mgljones mgljones
MrShooter MrShooter 04/17/2019 Best Tracker Jedi! amaz0mbie amaz0mbie
Ethan Ethan 04/17/2019 Great service, as always. DoodleTheNoodle DoodleTheNoodle