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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
nraudigy2 nraudigy2 02/22/2019 Trusted IH user! A+ Aguia Aguia
DHUUM DHUUM 02/21/2019 Trusted Buyer! Ethan Ethan
Ethan Ethan 02/21/2019 awesome seller, good collection and fast service DHUUM DHUUM
Ethan Ethan 02/21/2019 Good transaction thanks maxtop51 maxtop51
Ulquiorra Ulquiorra 02/21/2019 tnk MrShooter MrShooter
Ethan Ethan 02/20/2019 Good deal ...... thanks alot potato121 potato121
Ethan Ethan 02/19/2019 As promised, gave me the Elbitz account. Thanks! sate12 sate12
Ethan Ethan 02/19/2019 As promised, gave me the Immortalseed invite. sate12 sate12
Ethan Ethan 02/19/2019 Thanks a lot for the invitation! Very prompt and elegant, I appreciate! dmu dmu
Ethan Ethan 02/19/2019 Thank you for the invite! Very much appreciated!! anonxstream anonxstream
Ethan Ethan 02/19/2019 BIG thanks. truthfully buyer, Easy to work with and very professional, you will get satisfied. Dracony Dracony
sate12 sate12 02/19/2019 Trusted Buyer! Ethan Ethan
Aguia Aguia 02/19/2019 it was a pleasure doing business with you Visa Visa
Visa Visa 02/19/2019 Reliable IH member! A+ Aguia Aguia
godfader4 godfader4 02/19/2019 good seller koko666 koko666
Ulquiorra Ulquiorra 02/19/2019 Bought empornium account and Ulquiorra was great and got me all set up. teatime321 teatime321
kunkun kunkun 02/19/2019 Thanks for the invitation! Lukas Lukas
LetosChuma LetosChuma 02/18/2019 Great!!! Without words.I am very pleased.Do not hesitate to ask whenever you have something to offer.BIG thanks. HDYu HDYu
Nope. Nope. 02/18/2019 Trusted Seller! Ethan Ethan
RuneArmor RuneArmor 02/18/2019 Trusted Buyer! Ethan Ethan
ChalmWar ChalmWar 02/16/2019 Good IH user! Aguia Aguia
Insigna Insigna 02/16/2019 Good IH user! Aguia Aguia
Aguia Aguia 02/16/2019 trusted seller Insigna Insigna
Ethan Ethan 02/16/2019 Thank u for the accout, +rep BrennoARTS BrennoARTS
Aguia Aguia 02/15/2019 good buyer, nice to deal with you . Watchdogs Watchdogs