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  1. We want to announce that in 7 days, on 13 November 2016 all accounts that didn't log in on site for more than one year will be deleted and we will change the user limit from 20.000 members to 15.000 users limit.
  2. IndieTorrents | News

    For November, all torrents that involve family members in the same group will be freeleech.
  3. nCore | News

    Trackerproblémáink adódtak, ezért jelenleg a fel- és letöltés nem üzemel. A hiba javítása folyamatban van, addig is türelmeteket kérjük! Állapot: Folyamatban Google Translation: Tracker problems have occurred, uploading and downloading are not currently working. This issue is in progress, your patience in the meantime please! Status: Pending
  4. UltimateGamer.Club | News

    Well, i think the title is pretty explicit. UGC is doing well and our members are waiting for more and more improvements to be implemented. For a matter of speeding up the pace and becoming the best tracker possible for all of you, we are now recruiting experienced coders willing to give a hand! More info on forum
  5. BJ-Share.me | News

    Sorteio de prêmios para os doadores! Olá, pessoal. Neste mês o novo BJ completará 6 meses de idade, para comemorar e ajudar nas despesas, que de um site do porte do nosso não são pequenas, decidimos criar um sorteio para premiar aqueles que são responsáveis por manter no ar a comunidade que tanto gostamos. Serão sorteados HDs, Pen Drives, Teclados, Headsets, Canecas, etc. Para explicarmos as regras e tirar todas as possíveis dúvidas criamos um tópico que mostra todos os prêmios, não deixem de passar por lá, clicando aqui. Boa sorte a todos os participantes e vida longa ao BJ! translate.google.com Raffle prizes for the donors! Hello guys. This month the new BJ complete 6 months of age, to celebrate and help with expenses that a size of the site of ours are not small, we decided to create a draw to reward those who are responsible for keeping the air the community that we like so much. They will be drawn hard drives, Pen Drives, Keyboards, Headsets, mugs, etc. To explain the rules and take all possible doubts created a topic that shows all the awards, do not forget to go there by clicking here. Good luck to all participants and long life to BJ!
  6. Kufirc | News

    Támogatás Tisztelt felhasználók!! November 16-ig minden beérkezett támogatást duplán írunk jóvá, mellé +48 óra egyéni freeleechet adunk. translate.google.com Support Dear users !! November 16 until all the support received double-credited, next +48 hours of individual freeleechet.
  7. Horrorcharnel | News

    Freeleech All Torrents Free Karma has set the torrents FREE. set by Crianza Until 11 Nov 2016
  8. TorrenTech | News

    Few things about Torrentech are needing to reach as many members as possible, so please don't mind this most direct approach... 1) Members that were inactive for 5 years will be removed from the site and that will happen on Dec 1st, 2016. If you haven't been logging in for a long time, be sure to login by then so your member account don't get removed. Any trouble logging in? Please first try to use password recovery facility here: If that still ain't functioning, drop an email to torrentech@gmail.com asking for help. 2) Password for tT radio streaming has been changed and you can see the new one on you DJ profile page. 3) DJ inactivity period has been prolonged to 365 days retroactive, so you still may be having a radio DJ badge if you played in that period. If not, feel free to PM pyc and ask for re-activation. Also feel free to ask for radio badge if you still don't have one. 4) There's quite handy form filling tool for new seeds that is described here: 5) Site has gone through pretty extensive staff changes and if anyone feels like helping in a sense of moderatorship, please PM pyc. That's all, happy leeching and seeding and remember to party as hard as you can! Love you all...
  9. Tracker's Name : SkTorrent Genre : General Sign-up Link : https://sktorrent.net/account-signup.php Closing date : N/A Additional information : SkTorrent is a Slovak Private Torrent Tracker for Movies / TV / General Releases.
  10. Tracker's Name : Freedom-HD Genre : HD Sign-up Link : http://freedom-paradise.eu/account-signup.php Closing date : N/A Additional information : Freedom-HD is a French Private Torrent Ratioless Tracker for HD Movies / General Releases.
  11. Tracker's Name : GAMEiSO Genre : Games Sign-up Link : https://gameiso.net/signup.php Closing date : Very Soon Review's Link : GAMEiSO | GiN | GAMES | 2016 Review Additional information : Registration opened for 30 new members until 620 users. Tell your friends. Also ALL TORRENTS FREE for 5 days.
  12. Tracker's Name : TorrentBytes (TBy) Genre : General Sign-up Link : https://torrentbytes.net/signup.php Closing date : N/A Review's Link : TorrentBytes | TB | General | 2015 Review Additional information : TorrentBytes (TBy) is a Private Torrent Tracker for 0DAY / GENERAL
  13. ABTorrents (ABT) | News

    For the first time in .. well... who knows ... ABT WILL BE OPEN SIGNUPS FROM MONDAY 17TH OCTOBER. UNTIL. lol. Spread the word and let the good times roll !!
  14. Scheduled Downtime Update 1: Hardware upgrades have been completed, currently waiting on OS reinstalls.
  15. UHDBits | News

    UHDBits.org is searching for new scene uploaders. If you have a source of scene content and want to help our community, please don't hesitate to contact us. Send your application and questions HERE !


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