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  1. Asian movie tracker open for sign up only for one day. "Registration open just for June 4th 2017, share the news!"
  2. How much you uploaded in your whole life?

    How can you know after 10 years...
  3. Male or female?

    Androgynous :)
  4. Do you download FLAC or MP3 ?

    Flac, unless I have no other choice but mp3
  5. What kind of office suite do you use?

    Open office and MS office
  6. what's your OS ?!

    Well, I use both win and oxs... OSX is by far the most stable
  7. How Do You Store your Digital content?

    Internal and external hdd
  8. I get a blue screen in win7 after waking the PC from hibernation. It happens about 50% of time...
  9. What connection do you have ?

    At the moment ADSL 15/1
  10. As the topic suggests, and if you like, please state why.
  11. If I really love something, I will gladly support
  12. Wardruna

    That's cool, nice to know :)
  13. I used to find books on Soulseek
  14. Soulseek

    Do you use Soulseek for your music sharing?
  15. Are there any Yorkie lovers? Yorkshire Terrier breed... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=isPTYV9nYhI