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FemdomCult is a private Porn tracker that focuses on Fetish and Female Domination more specifically. It is affiliated to the forum Fetish-Cult.org. The tracker specializes on amateur, anime/comics, Asian femdom, fetish, humiliation, images, lezdom, POV, scat, strapon and transdom porn.  FemdomCult has more than 16K registered members with 2,966 being active within one day. Uploads of torrents are quite scarce compared to other porn trackers but the kicker is 92% of requested torrents are actually filled for members. The community seems very active whether it be the shoutbox, polls or forums. Members also get to reap the benefits of staff picking a 'mistress of the month' and allowing all torrents starring said mistress be freeleech for the month - great way to have your ratio boost through the roof with their already 'easy to seed' tracker.

  • The ONLY tracker solely dedicated to female XXX domination and fetish. It does offer some mainstream stuff though.
  • Doors are opened a few times throughout the year. Sadly, the invite system is currently disabled so try not miss the open signups.
  • FDC do not have an IRC channel and heavily rely on the chatbox and forums. The chatbox is a popular place to stop for a yarn or check out what's new in the forums with the rest of the community.
  • Seed bonus allows users to buy upload credit, freeleech slots, badges and point donation.
  • The donation page is pretty bland, pay 50 USD and receive 500GB upload to your account. If you wish to donate and pay for VIP status you need to contact staff.

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