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TP.M-Team is a private HD chinese tracker for Movies, TV Shows, Music, and Adult videos in various resolutions (1080p, 720p, 480p,..etc) and video formats(.mkv, .mp4, .m2ts..etc).

Tracker got around +35K registered members with App. 242K uploaded torrents , which shows how active the tracker is with really large content.

They have internal groups who upload untouched HD JAV WEB-DL's which cannot be found elsewhere. The internal release groups of M-team are MTeam, MTeamPAD, MTeam3D, MTeamTV, KiSHD, BMDru, OneHD, CNHK, StBOX,R2HD.

Like every chinese tracker , Newly registered members should pass the newbie test which is (Upload 20GB , Download 15GB , Bonus Points 4500) , which is so easy to pass.

New user accounts without any upload / download will be automatically pruned by system after 5 days.

Maintain ratio is easy as :
- Many 50% , 100% freeleech torrents are uploaded daily on tracker.
- Bonus point system is implemented , where you can buy extra GBs to your upload count.

To get an invite you should pay 80K bonus points (which isn't so easy to achieve) , Or through lotteries done by the staff every once in a while (App. in end/begin of a month).

Mteam is a very good tracker IMO as many HD encoding groups use M-Team's Blu-ray rips as the source for their encodes.

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