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Buy, Sell, Trade or Find Free Torrent Invites for Private Torrent Trackers Such As redacted, blutopia, losslessclub, femdomcult, filelist, Chdbits, Uhdbits, empornium, iptorrents, hdbits, gazellegames, animebytes, privatehd, myspleen, torrentleech, morethantv, bibliotik, alpharatio, blady, passthepopcorn, brokenstones, pornbay, cgpeers, cinemageddon, broadcasthenet, learnbits, torrentseeds, beyondhd, cinemaz, u2.dmhy, Karagarga, PTerclub, Nyaa.si, Polishtracker etc.


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Alpharatio has been around for almost 5 years. This longevity can be explained by the dedication of their staff to always provide the best content to their users. Excellent pre-time, amazing speed, good retention, you name it. Alpharatio even provides seedboxes to their members for decent prices.

  • Ratio is easy to maintain thanks to a seedbonus system that gives you the chance to buy upload and FreeLeech Tokens. The community is very active and requests are filled pretty quickly.
  • Entry to the tracker is mainly via invite. AR open global invites every Sunday and is available to all members who have invite privileges enabled. Signups open regularly too so keep an eye on the Open Trackers section.
  • The seed bonus system is confusing to a lot of people but depends on the size of torrent you are seeding with each individual 'size group' offering different bonus amounts. The total amount of bonus points you may have is 8 million, after this you will not earn further points.
  • Donations begin from 10 USD up to 80 USD. All packages come with decent upload credit amounts, bonus point and freeleech. Packages with invites begin at 20 USD or spend 80 USD and be exempt from three hit and runs!

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