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How To Fix Driver Digitally Not Signed Error?

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Have you ever come across “Driver digitally-not signed error” while installing software?  If yes, then you must understand how irritating it can be! The errors come up as Windows need a digitally signed driver. In simple words, Windows needs a verified driver by Signing Authority.

The error usually shows up after you have installed an update. As some of the Windows updates could cause driver issues as the updates force requirements for them to be digitally signed.

In this post, we will walk through steps to get rid of the driver digitally-not signed error and get through the installation process.

Steps To Fix Driver Digitally Not Signed Error

 Keep Your Drivers Updated

 It is important to keep your drivers updated for your computer to run smoothly. Drivers need to be digitally signed as it is necessary to secure your computer from software that could damage your hardware. The issue is usually faced by Windows 10 and 8 users but Windows 7 users are also not spared.

To overcome the situation and resolve the issue, you can take the help of Advanced Driver Updater. This best driver updater can deal with missing, and corrupted drivers on your Windows computer.

Follow these steps to get all device drivers updated:

Download and install Advanced Driver Updater on your Windows PC.

Once the installation is complete, Advanced Driver Updater will show the status of your PC.

Click Start Scan Now.

You will get a list of outdated drivers. You can update all drivers by click Update All.


If you want to exclude drivers, remove the checkmark beside it.

Restart your computer to let the changes take effect.

Now when you scan your computer for missing or outdated drivers, the status message for the drivers will be Updated.

You can also schedule a driver scan on the Settings tab to keep your system drivers up to date.

You can also try and fix the digitally-not signed error manually. Follow these steps on Windows 10:

Install System’s Drivers in Test Mode

To disable the digitally signed driver’s requirements, you need to go to test mode. Shut down your computer, press Shift + Left Click to get Restart option.

Choose Troubleshoot->Advanced Options. Click Start-Up Settings, then click Restart-> click Disable signature requirement.

This will put Windows 10 into test mode, now you can install drivers without any issues. However, this method is usually not recommended.

Disable Driver Signing Requirement

You can also disable driver signing requirement manually but before proceeding further, you must know that this process is a bit intricate. If you still wish to resolve the issue manually, then follow these steps:

Press Windows and R and type gpedit.msc to open Group Policy Editor.

Click User Configuration, then double Administrative Templates.

Double-click on System.

Go to Driver Installation and double click Code Signing For Device Drivers.

On the next window, click on the radio button beside Enabled.

Click Apply and OK, then restart the system to let the changes take effect.

So, these are some of the best methods to fix driver digitally-not signed error. You can manually resolve the issue, but it is better to use tools like Advanced Driver Updater to get your drivers updated with ease. Also, this driver updater software can always keep your system drivers up to date, relieving you from the stress of keeping a tab on it.

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