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How To Disable WebRTC On Chrome And Firefox

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WebRTC is web real-time communication which is used to provide real-time communication with web browsers via APIs (Application Programming Interface).The peer-to-peer communication will allow the function of audio and video within the web pages and eliminate the need of any plugins. In this article, we learn how to prevent from WebRTC leak while using the internet. The action to disable WebRTC on Firefox can be implemented manually by tweaking the preferences menu. We have also mentioned steps to disable WebRTC on Chrome. The following methods only work for the Windows PC. Google Duo is a WEbRTC example of VoIP application based on it being an open-source , and free project.

What is WebRTC leak?

Web browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox may be vulnerable to attacks.. In the WebRTC leak, the IP address of the users is exposed even while using a VPN service. Therefore, it is recommended to take the command in your hand, and make changes in the settings of the web browsers.

How To Disable WebRTC On Firefox?

To disable WebRTC on Firefox, you need to make changes in the references used by the browser.WebRTC Leak Prevent in Firefox is explained in simple steps below:

Step 1: Launch Firefox browser.

Step 2:¬†Take your cursor to the Address bar and type the following ‚Äď


Press the Enter key.

Step 3:¬†Once you press Enter, the window will display a warning message with the title- Proceed with Caution. It reads ‚Äď

“Changing advanced configuration preferences can impact Firefox performance or security“

Below it shows you the box in front of the message ‚ÄúWarn me when I attempt to access these preferences‚ÄĚ. Check the box to confirm that message reappears next time, you enter the same command to make changes in the settings of Firefox. Click Accept the Risk and continue.

Step 4: The tab for Advanced Preferences shows you a search bar. Under that, a button with Show All needs to be clicked to see the full page of a number of commands. These can be modified as per your customization for the web browser. Scroll down to locate the specific command to disable WebRTC in Firefox- Peerconnection.

Step 5: Type the following command, and it will be easy to locate it.


Step 6: As you can see the value is shown as True.

Double click on it to change it False.

Close the tab now, and it will help you prevent WebRTC leak on Firefox.

You can also use the extension to help you work with the Firefox browser to disable WebRTC on Firefox.

How To Disable WebRTC On Chrome?

Vulnerability in Chrome has been making a lot of users move to other browsers as alternatives to Google Chrome.  Although if you are still looking forward to using Chrome, you must ensure the safety. Unlike Firefox, preferences in Chrome can not be changed to disable WebRTC, and therefore other methods are recommended. WebRTC shield is required and we would recommend the use of a VPN extension. PureVPN is one such service which will work with each web page, and prevent WebRTC leak.

Thus, the WebRTC leak in Chrome is identified and prevented by the use of a VPN extension. Keep the IP address hidden from the websites while surfing the internet with the help of PureVPN  Chrome extension.


In this way, you can easily stop the WebRTC leak while using Chrome and Firefox on Windows. The PureVPN extension is a good option to conceal the IP address and help to secure user’s privacy.

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