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  1. Hi all I am 50, curently unenploed. Like bicucling and mountaining and torrenting in free time. I am member at Invitr Hawk for quite a long time, i found it on yhe web. i would like to get ivited to GFT and SCC and some other good German trackers i dont use username jamamoto on other trackers Yes Hope to find what i am serching for. Thanks in advance
  2. i apply please thanks in advance
  3. (have)Waffles,Filelist.ro,CrnaBerza,IPT,Myanonamouse (want)Stopthepress,Fuxoor,Passthepopcorn,Nxgen
  4. Hello I am selling 3 invites to IPT and 7 invites to waffles, 8 EUR each PM me offers. Payment on a debit card
  5. i can give you waafles and IPT invite for WhatCDinvite if intersted PM me cheers:)
  6. i can offer you TShack acount for SCC invite if interested PM me
  7. hello mate i can offer you waffles for SCC if you have
  8. (HAVE)IPT,Waffles,Bitspyder,MyAnonamouse(want) good offers
  9. hello mate i have 4 waffles invites 3IPT invites, Bitsyder invites and My anionamouse. Ready to exchange them for a RevoTT invite which i desperately need :)
  10. hello mate I have waffles invites, but need invite to Fuxor,Stopthepress, what CD or RevoTT. Also need invites to some good and prestige invite forums if you have. PM me an offer. I have 4 waffles invites
  11. My Frist Giveaway

    hello mate i apply for hotvibes account please thanks
  12. i have waffles and trade ity for SCC if you have cheers :)
  13. hello Ethan I have 3 IPT invites and willing to give them in exchange for WhatCD,Fuhor,RevoTT,Stopthepress or some good invites forum invite like SIN,Revo.org and others. cheers :)
  14. hello i have the vault account, waffles,bitspyder,myanonamouse,IPTinvites to exchange.Pm me
  15. hello world (HAVE) IPT,Bitspyder,Filelist.Ro.MyAnon. (WANT)SCC,WhatCD,Stopthepress,Fuhor or seedbox trial slot Offers please :)