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  1. to all member here


    he scam me for my account this morning!

    am trying to contact ANY of mods or admins here, but there in no one here or I dont know what is happening but no one respond, so this cunt do what he want , because there is no one to stop him!

    so, all i can is... to warn good members here to watch out!

    i made mistake, and... send it first, because I was mislead that he is good member here "Trusted User", but that was obviously given easy to him (cunt just copy and paste news here, and waiting to scam, and no one doing nothing about it) but that will never, ever happen again, I WILL NEVER SEND FIRST AGAIN!!!

    1. him


      why you go first boy, sha007 was ban in other invite forum also, he was fucking scammer.


  2. come back so we can finish our trade, or i will report you for been a scammer!

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    2. eitherway


      we start a trade, i was even willing to send it first although... i always use middleman, and... i was warning him if he try to scam me that i will report him, and... he we just vanish after that, but i see... that he is coming and going but no responding on my messages, so... i will report him as a scanner!

    3. van Oranje

      van Oranje

      He destroy his reputation it self.

    4. Kenny187


      so we can't even trust "trusted" member in this forum??

  3. Sha007

    PWT News

    For the first time on PWT, seed bonus points have been added to our tracker. This means that you will receive bonus points for all the torrents you seed, every hour. Once you have enough seed points, they can be traded for different goodies.
  4. Sha007

    XWT News

    We would like to thank all of the members on XWT for helping us to break a new record. For the first time, our peers total has crossed the 80,000+ amount. This is a huge milestone and it would not be possible without all of you! So from everyone on the XWT Team. Thank you!
  5. Sha007

    HDArea News

    由于系统出现bug未能给达到标准的用户自动升级. 请跟帖:http://www.hdarea.co/forums.php?acti...=last#pid15047 Due to system bug auto promotion is not working properly at the moment. Please see the following link for more info: http://www.hdarea.co/forums.php?acti...=last#pid15047
  6. Hon3yhd | Movies | 2016 Review Tracker name Hon3yHD Tracker Genre General Tracker Type Ratio Bassed Tracker URL http://www.hon3yhd.com Tracker Signup Closed/Invites Only Bonus System Yes Twitter https://twitter.com/hon3yhd Description: Hon3yhd is an Indian tracker for Indian movies and series. You can find some Hollywood movies beside Indian movies. Hollywood movies are dubbed. They have a collection of untouched DVD5, DVD9, BD25 and BD50 movies. Also they have other release such as webrip. This Tracker has an internal encoder too (Hon3yHD). All their releases are freeleech. There are some songs and albums in lossy and lossless format. In TV category there are Pakistani and Indian sections. And in regional category you can see Punjabi, Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam movies. Speed is good and they have bonus system and freeleech files, so you can maintain ratio easily. This tracker is second option after Desitorrents so if you are a fan of Bollywood movies and you don’t have Desitorrents, this site is a good choice for you. Tracker Home Music Untouched RSS. Request Bonus System Ratings Pretimes -/10 Speed 8/10 Content 8/10 Community 8/10 Staff 8/10 Over all 8/10
  7. All member classes can now download without the need to donate but please seed back also if you want you can contribute //staff
  8. Thank you to our donators. For those who haven't considered donating. We have 5 days to reach target. We're still only at 29%. Please, rather than buy that cup of coffee this week, why not donate the funds to RNS? Use contact staff to find out how. Thank you. //Staff
  9. First Line Support Applications : BeyondHD Wants YOU to be part of our First Line Support team BHD is looking to expand our internal team to help with the expansion of the site. What is first line support(FLS)? The FLS team, will answer members questions, check torrents, monitor Shoutbox, forums and IRC and generally assist with the running of the site. FLS is a stepping stone to becoming a moderator. Each FLS member will be assisted by an experienced staff member.  We're looking for individuals who can meet these requirements: Friendly Team Player Patient Has been a member for at least 3 months Knows their way around the site Willing to help others Willing to judge users fair and evenly Has some activity in social areas of the site such as the shoutbox, forums, IRC Has some knowledge of BitTorrent, clients, IRC, various video/audio formats and codecs, trackers in general Not currently a staff member of any other site No past or present affiliation with any invite forums Can check in with the site at least once per day unless prior notice is given Able to be on IRC whenever they're online We would also like to have staff available 24 hours a day so having users apply from various timezones would be great but not necessarily required. If you can meet these requirements then PM date us with the subject "FLS Application", and in the body of the PM include the below application with your answers filled in. 1. Why do you want to be a member of the first line support team? 2. What makes you a good fit for the position? 3. Do you have any prior moderating/staff experience? If so, list it here. 4. Roughly how much time per day can you devote to the site? 5. What hours of the day are you usually available? Give a rough time frame and your timezone Those picked for the position will be trialled first and thus be under extra scrutiny. //staff
  10. nCore.cc | nCore | General | 2016 Review Tracker name nCore.cc Tracker Genre General Tracker Type Ratioless Tracker URL http://www.ncore.cc Tracker Signup Closed/Invites Only Bonus System Yes IRC Server :ircline.org Channel : #nCore, #ncore-bot DESCRIPTION nCore is The Best Hungarian tracker nowadays much better than bitHUmen. It has huge userbase registered users: 695 531 and lot of torrents torrents: 376 904. English content is huge too!!(including scene,P2P) Mainly language is Hungarian in spite of easy to navigate or can use google translator.Content is very good in all categories.Only qualitative content is allowed (no Cam, DvdScr).Ratioless only count the upload amount.They have bonus point system for example collect bonus for upload torrents or fulfill request.Easy to join.AutoDL-IrssI is available finally.I think nCore is kinda underrated, nCore is one of the best genaral tracker and still growing. Tracker Home Categories and Torrents Recommended Torrents Forums Request Wiki Ratings Pretimes -/10 Speed 8/10 Content 8/10 Community 8/10 Staff 8/10 Over all 8/10
  11. Public Rejects 10 Year Prison Term for Online Piracy The UK Government has published a summary of a recent public consultation into a planned prison term extension for online copyright infringement. The overwhelming majority of the public, 98 percent, reject the proposal arguing that it's too harsh. The authorities announce that they will take the comments and critique into account before moving forward. Last year the UK Government announced a plan to increase the maximum prison sentence for online copyright infringement to ten years. The current maximum of two years is not enough to deter infringers, lawmakers argued. The plan followed a recommendation put forward in a study commissioned by the UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO) a few months earlier. This study concluded that the criminal sanctions for copyright infringement available under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 (CDPA 1988) could be amended to bring them into line with related offenses, such as counterfeiting. Before implementing the changes the Government launched a public consultation, asking for comments and advice from the public. This generated a lot of responses and this week the results were published by the IPO. In total there were 1,032 responses to the consultation, and an overwhelming majority of 98 percent oppose the increased prison term. There were only 21 responses supporting the plan, which all except one came from organizations. A total of 1,011 individuals came out in opposition, most of which used a submission form made available by the Open Rights Group (ORG). Consultation response http://torrentfreak.com/images/consu...n-response.png The Government has released a summary of the findings (pdf) presenting the primary arguments from both sides. The opponents argue that prison term extension is not acceptable because the punishment would be too harsh. “10 years is too high; copyright infringement is not a serious crime,” IPO summarizes. In addition, due to the vague language employed, opponents are worried that the changes could lead to prison sentences for naive file-sharers who have no real criminal intent. “The term ‘affect prejudicially’ is too vague and could mean someone facing a criminal charge where only a minimal amount of content has been infringed. This requires some threshold to ensure only commercial scale infringers are punished.” The supporters of the prison term extension, including industry groups BPI, FACT and the MPA, argue that harsher sentences would help to serve as a deterrent, preventing people from pirating copyrighted works. “Change would act as a powerful deterrent to those engaging in IP crime,” IPO summarizes. According to the opponents there is no reason why online piracy should be treated differently than physical counterfeiting. “It is important that creativity is respected and rewarded, and those who deliberately infringe or facilitate infringement should face criminal sanctions. Copyright infringement online is no less serious than that of physical, and therefore shouldn’t be treated any differently.” The UK Government has not made any decisions yet on how to move forward but IPO notes that it will conduct an in-depth analysis of all the points raised. Any future legislation should take into account the public responses. “This proposal has clearly struck a chord with many stakeholders, which is reflected in the high number of responses. As a result, the Government is now carefully considering the best way forward,” IPO notes. “However, the Government remains committed to tackling those engaged in online criminality,” it adds. The comments appear to suggest that a 10-year prison term may have been averted for now, but some sort of change to the current law is expected to come sooner or later. Source : Torrentfreak
  12. Sha007

    FnT news

    FnT : Merci a tous, l'irc sera encore dispo quelques temps. tout le staff vous souhaite une bonne continuation. google translate: FnT: Thank you all, the IRC will still be available for some time. all the staff wish you a good continuation. FNT:shutdown
  13. Bibliotik is back! with the new domain https://bibliotik.me/login?returnto=%2F
  14. Dvd screener leaks are not free promotion, hollywood says The CEO of the Copyright Alliance, which counts the MPAA and major Hollywood studios among its members, has weighed in on the leaking of DVD screeners to the Internet. Describing release group Hive-CM8's subsequent apology as "self serving", Keith Kupferschmid says the idea that piracy represents free promotion is false and ill-informed. cofeeleakIn the final days leading up to Christmas, DVD screener copies of some of the hottest movies began leaking to the Internet. Several, including The Revenant and The Hateful Eight, went on to become Golden Globe winners earlier this week. There can be little doubt that the leaks generated significant additional publicity that otherwise the films would not have enjoyed, but still the big question remains. Will these movies eventually reap the financial benefits of word-of-mouth marketing as a result of their early (not to mention illegal) online appearances? The battle lines in this debate were drawn early with Hive-CM8, the group behind the leaks, setting out its arguments (by way of an unusual apology) in the dying days of 2015. “Since everyone is now talking about [The Hateful Eight] we don’t think the producers will [lose] any money [upon theatrical release]. We actually think this has created a new type of media hype that is more present in the news, radio and in the papers than Star Wars, and the promotional costs for this were free,” the group said. Perhaps needless to say, Hollywood doesn’t share the group’s view on the promotional benefits of giving away free copies of the latest movies before their theatrical release. Last week the producer of The Hateful Eight aired his displeasure and now its the turn of the powerful Copyright Alliance. Counting the MPAA, RIAA, ESA, BSA, NBA and Getty Images among its members, the Copyright Alliance has more heavyweight entertainment industry support than any other lobby group on the planet. It’s fair to say that the words of its CEO Keith Kupferschmid echo the sentiments of most in Hollywood and he is not happy with Hive-CM8. In a piece titled ‘Sorry Not Sorry’, Kupferschmid refutes the group’s assertion that their leaks will help movies like The Hateful Eight and pours scorn on their recent apology. “It’s pretty obvious that Hive’s statement is self-serving, not to mention patently false and ill-informed. Even fellow Redditors derided the group. And while refuting most of their assertions is probably unnecessary, perhaps this incident can be used as a teachable moment,” Kupferschmid begins. “Specifically, the false notion that piracy amounts to ‘free advertising’ is persistent and widespread. As demonstrated above, proponents contend that piracy is a good thing because it generates buzz that leads to increased sales that more than offset piracy’s harms.” While discussion around the leaks has indeed been fierce in recent weeks, it’s almost unprecedented for someone like Kupferschmid to respond publicly to comments made by a group like Hive-CM8. It’s doubtful that the group will officially continue the debate, but the Copyright Alliance CEO is certainly clear on his position. “In reality, Hive’s free advertising justification for ‘The Hateful Eight’ leak represents a fundamental lack of understanding about the film business and the creative industries in general,” he asserts. “If marketing a new film, album or book was as easy as leaking it online, movie studios, record labels and book publishers would do it themselves. However, when releasing new creative works, the success of these works depends on creating new markets and consumer awareness, which requires far more than just dumping content online.” Detailing components of The Hateful Eight’s marketing plan, which included a roadshow and the pirate-impossible 70mm Ultra-Panavision format, Kupferschmid underlines the efforts expended by the movie’s producers on the promotional front. He also makes it quite clear that simply dumping content online is a blunt-instrument in today’s complex market place. “We live in a world where consumers have never had more entertainment choices. While this competition is great for the creative community and for consumers, it also means that connecting with consumers is more difficult and expensive than it has been in the past, and requires a level of creativity and ingenuity far beyond just simply leaking the creative work online,” he explains. “The notion that a faceless group of Internet outlaws drives audience buzz – more than a creative team’s marketing campaign, advertising, and promotions – is patently absurd.” There can be little doubt that the level of sophistication required for a leak falls short of that employed by the seasoned professionals involved in the marketing of a major movie. Nevertheless, leaks of all kinds persisted throughout 2015 and the industry still turned in a record-setting $38 billion box office bonanza. While those kinds of figures make it more difficult for Hollywood to sell the notion that piracy is killing cinema, the idea that piracy is actually good for sales is dismissed by the Copyright Alliance CEO. “It’s time for the claims that piracy is free advertising and good for creators to fade to black,” Kupferschmid concludes. For now, Hive-CM8 remain quiet and it seems likely that their screener run has come to an end. There was some excitement a few days ago when a file titled DVDSCR.PACK.2015.XVID.AC3.HQ.Hive-CM8 trickled around one or two secretive private sites, but ultimately it was found to contain no new material. source:torrentfreak.com
  15. September Updates and staff shuffle Hello! It's been a while since our last announcement but I'd like to assure you we haven't been neglecting AB. As some of you surely noticed, we've been through some changes recently and hopefully this thread will, albeit a little late, cover and summarize them all. (The post is indeed a little long but please do give some of your time to go through it :3) First we are seeing some changes in the staff roster. Step downs gesshoki, IPopNoStyle and myself are stepping down from our staff positions/responsibilities. (You are also seeing me with a different class than Sensei since I'm selfishly holding onto some of my current duties despite striping myself from most of the responsibilities of a moderator). While we have no intentions of going anywhere these changes have been a long time coming since we no longer have the time to properly manage the duties that SM require. You will surely still find us around the forums/irc though so feel free to say hi. Promotions Moderators to Senior Moderators. Both aldy and Alpha have done excellent work ever since they became moderators and their promotions are more than deserved. Be sure to congratulate them! New staff members Forevabronze and Liseda have shown a lot of dedication towards AB and as such they are now enrolling in a more serious position where they can continue serving the community as they have until now. Our most sincere and warm welcome. Along with these staff changes, we've also seen some changes in our three secondary classes. Forum Staff Promotions: meimei and resilientz have joined the FS team to assist with moderating Chat and Anime respectively. Editors (old Wiki Students) Promotions: KittyKatt, klotaku, Leamas, Lelouch84, OnintzaLibre and resilientz are all new recruitments to the WS ED team and still learning the ropes. App Reviewers Promotions: meimei and Stryk3r117 will be assisting as gatekeepers from now on. For convenience and privacy reasons, step downs on these classes have been omitted. Their work and dedication will however not be forgotten. Please do give a warm welcome to all our new additions and a fond farewell to all those stepping down. Other (small?) changes worth of mention As noted before the Wiki Student class has at long last been renamed to Editor. To coincide with this change, we've updated our recruitment thread for Editors so if you fancy helping out the site a little, be sure to give it a read. Passkeys are now hidden from view in your profile until you mouseover. Class colors have been changed a few times as well Feel free to give your input here. Plenty of "minor" tweaks/bug fixes. (<3 devs)
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