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    • ūüĒ•Top Reasons for the Seedbox and VPN Providers To Advertise on InviteHawk in 2024

      The InviteHawk community is a place where members explore, evaluate, and uncover top-notch private trackers, digital products, and services. Above all, genuine users come to our platform to become a part of the private torrent world, stay updated with bit-torrent news, or engage in buying and selling torrent invites.

      By promoting your VPN and Seedbox brands on our platform, you have the opportunity to connect with our audience and be a part of the conversation. We provide a platform for you to engage with your target audience effectively.

      We have reached over 30,000 active members, who made over 500,000 posts and opened 70,000 unique topic discussions.

      See our traffic stats below:


      Book an advertising campaign with us through our self-serve advertising platform. You will be up and running in minutes.

      Since 2009, we have worked with 50+ Seedbox and VPN companies that advertised with us, helping them get leads and sales.

      ūüéĀInviteHawk Advertising Media Kit - 2024

      We offer bulk discounts for larger purchases, package deals for running multiple ads, and custom solutions for those seeking something unique.

      Click on the desired advertising option to order instantly. Don't hesitate to contact us if you don't see what you're looking for below!

      1. Banner ads [Sticky]

      The easiest way to get traffic and sales from us is to purchase a banner ad. We set up the banners using anti-block technology, meaning that all users will see the banners, even those that installed ad-blockers.

      1. Order a 728x90 Sticky Everywhere [Price: $45/month or $120/3 months][Sticky][Available: Feb 1, 2024]
      2. Order a 300x300 Footer & Sidebar STICKY [Price: $35/month or $100/3 months][Sticky][Availability: Now]

      2. Dedicated Newsletters

      We have the option to send a special newsletter to our 30K members who have opted to receive emails from us. This newsletter will provide information about your seedbox plans along with coupon codes, VPN services, and other exciting opportunities. It will also highlight the importance of using a seedbox for buffering torrent accounts, RSS guides, new apps, and more. Our open rate ranges from 18% to 30%, depending on the topics we cover. Although the numbers may seem small, rest assured that those who receive our emails are eager to explore new opportunities.

      1. Order a dedicated newsletter to all members ($200/1 send) [Availability: Now]

      3. Sticky Threads / Sponsor specific category

      Our forums are bustling, and at least one new post is created every few minutes. Order a sticky thread to keep your presentation topic under members' eyes first. If you sponsor a specific forum, your company's logo will be added to the particular forum.

      1. Sticky Thread in Any Category (Price: $150/3-months. Your topic will always appear at the top of the selected forum)
      2. Sponsor Logo of Any Category (Price: $150/3-months. Your logo will appear on the selected forum)

      5. Official Sponsorship of the Community for Full Endorsement

      Become the official sponsor of the InviteHawk community for a year and get our full endorsement, visibility, exposure to the entire community, trust, networking opportunities, branded contests, SEO benefits, and more.  

      Contact us for details. Price: $400/year

      ūüí≥Our Payment Methods & Accounts

      • BTC:¬†39mQV6gbdKMxxqF44P2nxGZkZvBWRgbH5W
      • ETH:¬†0x3D28177A49aB6d3F8fdda1e034605C4c7a332462
      • LTC:¬†LV1qn5SGZmedX36XYmjSoAt36ji918ktN4
      • USDT(TRC20):¬†TLFnvv1EUuSqAvGFvwbyDWujSRPQNnKeYw

      You can pay by Crypto (BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT) and Bank transfers for larger orders ($2500+) . For other payment methods, please get in touch with us.

      ūüď° InviteHawk Advertising Features

      You should certainly consider advertising with us. We offer you an inexpensive, convenient, and affordable advertising tool being seen by all InviteHawk members and guests. We promise to give you the maximum return on your advertising budget.


      Quality Traffic

      Our traffic comes from various reputable sources, with the world's most popular search engine, Google sending us the most significant numbers. One user spends an average of 3 minutes on InviteHawk Forum on each visit.


      Easy ads set up

      The ordering process is straightforward: [1] Select the ad spot you want and make the payment. [2] Create an account to track your campaign and [3] set up your ad. In the next second, your banner will be live on InviteHawk Forum. As simple as that.


      Transparent Ad Campaign Statistics

      Using our advertising system, you can directly control every aspect of your advertising campaign from your advertiser panel: View overall statistics and update your information. With us, you know exactly what you get for your money.


      Remarkable management

      We are under the management of a reputable media company with headquarters in US, UK. You may reach us by phone, Discord, or HelpDesk for details and more advertising details.



      "Absolutely blown away by the effectiveness of the Seedbox advertisement campaign on InviteHawk! As a small business owner, I was skeptical at first, but decided to give it a shot. Within just a few days of launching the campaign, I saw a significant increase in traffic to my website and a noticeable uptick in sales. The targeting was spot on, reaching exactly the audience I needed to reach. Plus, the creative designs and messaging were captivating and engaging. I'll definitely be utilizing your services again in the future. Thank you for helping my business thrive!"

      by rapidseedbox.com


      The strategic placement of the ads ensured maximum visibility and engagement from our target audience. Not only did the campaign drive a significant increase in traffic to our VPN service, but it also generated a high conversion rate of new subscribers.

      by NordVPN.com


      For advertising inquiries, reach out to us through the following channels:

      ¬†¬†¬† Email: [email protected] (Expect the quickest response here) ūüďß
      ¬†¬†¬† Discord: J.Stash4494 ūüí¨
      ¬†¬†¬† Telegram: JStash4494 ūüöÄ

      If you have any other questions or requests, please utilize our Support Forum.

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