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  1. HDcenter invite BitmetV invite Eliteunitedcrew.org Techonnection invite torrentech account asiandvdclub.org buffered account desitorrents buffered account hd-united buffered account waffles.fm buffered account with invites PTN account resurrectthe.net account the1st.be buffered account frolik.me buffered account Ncore.cc buffered account tranceroute.com buffered account quarks buffered account usenet4all.eu account omgwtfnzbs.org account fffound account trancetraffic invite/account sdbits invite Goem invite/account pisexy.org buffered account want offers :)
  2. 1) Tracker Name : DataTalli 2) Genre : General 3) Review (If Any) : N/A 4) Signup URL : http://datatalli.net/members.php?action=reg 5) Closing Date (If Any) : N/A 6) Additional Comments : DataTalli is a FINNISH Private Torrent Tracker for MOVIES / TV / GENERAL
  3. We fixed a bug with accounts that haven't been used since we switched to Gazelle, which was responsible for an awful lot of accounts not beeing pruned by the system. We also lowered the usercap to 75k for now, which makes room for ~10k new users
  4. As we all know by now, "Three Stories" by J. D. Salinger was leaked and gained a lot of news coverage. In this coverage it was made known that the Salinger estate does not wish this content to be made available, and we wish to abide by that. As a result, we have removed the content and are placing an exclusive ban it. Anyone who uploads it from this point on will have their account disabled. We thank you for your understanding. -STP Staff
  5. Welcome to DRZombie's Drive In; the idea is each week a movie will be picked for watching in our IRC channel every Saturday at 10 PM UK 5 PM EST. So download the movie from site, get it ready to watch on whatever you use i.e. computer, laptop, TV, grab some beers/smokes and join us in the IRC channel that can be found by selecting the fun/chat option at the top of the page. Join us Saturday the 30th of November for Iron Fist Pillage
  6. We're currently experiencing a increasing amount of issues with private messages being unreadable; we're looking into this and will get this fixed as soon as possible, sorry for any inconvenience.
  7. The tracker is being DDoSed again. Keep your clients up and all will be well. Any H&Rs attracted during this period will resolve once your client reconnects, do not worry.
  8. Hello People Here !! :) The Site Look Great !! I Am Happy to Join Here !! Will Make Good Work ! ^_^