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  1. Bought a HBO Max subscription from Ethan and delivery was smooth and fast. Highly recommended. Already enjoying the content I would otherwise not get easily access to. Also bought a Readly subscription from the bonus points I got from my Legend status. The delivery was very smooth and fast again. Will not hesitate to buy again once I need a subscription or access to a tracker.
  2. A. Tell us something about yourself? I'm Eric and avid film fan. B. How did you find InviteHawk? Google C. What Torrent Sites are you looking for? (Mention none if just browsing) Just browsing at the moment D. Do you use the same username or email on InviteHawk as well as on trackers? (If yes, change it from your profile or contact a staff member) No E. Do you have any suggestions for InviteHawk? No
  3. Welcome to the forums porntani :)

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