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  1. keep an eye out for the start of the July competition, yet another chance to win a seed box for a month. The start date is Saturday July 5th (GMT). A little bit late, just to give the World Cup competition more time in the limelight. There is an extra prize being added this month....... For further info, please click HERE.
  2. Tracker Name : UHDBits Signup Link : https://uhdbits.org/register.php Genre : HD Closing Date : n/a Additional Information :
  3. The 10th Anniversary of TranceTraffic will be here soon and we've already decided to have a massive radio session with as many mixes as possible. The theme for the mixes will be music that has been released since TranceTraffic began. So that's July 2004 to 2014. # Edit: Let's break the rules. Let's make it from whenever. Be creative though. We don't want a 2 hour mix of ASOT classics! If you wish to submit a mix for this special session, please use the usual link, but make sure that you tag your mix as "Anniversary Mix" or something similar, so that we know your mix is for this event and not for the monthly radio sessions. Mixes should be anywhere between 1 to 4 hours in length. We also require a poster for this event. So if someone can make one, it would be appreciated. We're still looking for ideas on how we can celebrate this special occasion. If you have any, feel free to post them on the forum link below. See here for more information: http://www.trancetraffic.com/forums.php?action=viewtopic&topicid=2941&page=p18281#18281 Submit your mix: http://ttr.dfx.at
  4. Tracker Name : ebooks-heaven.info Signup Link : http://ebooks-heaven.info/signup.php? Genre : e-learning Closing Date : N/A Additional Information : N/A
  5. Season Submits Do NOT submit a season pack for the currently airing SEASON until 24Hrs after ALL of the singles/episodes have been submitted. This is to prevent season torrents being removed due to the last single/episode being nuked. //Staff
  6. Tracker Name : Flux-GAMER Signup Link : http://www.flux-gamer.net/account-signup.php Genre : Games Closing Date : N/A Additional Information : N/A
  7. Tracker Name : CGPeers Signup Link : http://cgpeers.com/register.php Genre : Misc Closing Date : N/A Additional Information : N/A
  8. AlphaRatio is down (atm)
  9. Tracker Name : MightyTunez Signup Link : http://mightytunez.us/index.php Genre : Music Closing Date : N/A Additional Information : N/A
  10. Tracker Name : TimeTorrent Signup Link : http://timetorrent.org/account-signup.php Genre : General Closing Date : N/A Additional Information : N/A