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  1. A great indie game coming to a console! We truly are living in amazing times. I wonder how they will solve the problem of reduced precision and "cursor" moving speed when switching to an analogue controller. As far as I remember some of the puzzles required really precise aiming and timing which I cannot see myself making on the controller. I wonder if they will simplify the puzzles and reduce the timing element or opt for some sort of auto lock at certain intervals or something else. In any case, it is a great game and I am happy the developers will get additional exposure and funds on a new platform :)
  2. Thank you. In my opinion, there will be a delay. There is a lot of pressure on Abrams to make this movie the very best it can be. The expectations are already enormous and the nothing less than magnificent will do. I think they will delay as long as they have to unless unbearable pressure is put by the studio to release on time, in which case we will probably not get the movie we want to. I suspect they will delay until December 2016 even if it means sitting on a finished movie for half a year and a summer release for the spin-off film.
  3. Great giveaways, this site is awesome, I just discovered it for myself. I look forward to applying for Trance Traffic and Tranceroute in a couple of weeks :)
  4. The PS4 gives great performance for the price, better than the Xbox One. This made it more attractive ($100 cheaper in the US market, or 20% cheaper, is huge). Furthermore, both consoles lacked compelling and numerous exclusives, so people could mostly make the decision based on price and theoretical stats (not that most people do the latter well, mostly they just look at the numbers and go with the bigger ones). Nintendo, as always, has its own market corner and mostly stays there (not that that corner is small or anything!). The problems with the PS3 were its price, both for customers and for Sony, and relative lack of exclusives. Sony was selling at a loss throughout most of the life of the console, even more than Microsoft was (which also sold at a loss, although not such a huge one). This ate a lot of profits and still the console was too expensive for the end user. Also, in the console market, which sadly is very driven by the desire to be able to play games that other people cannot (i.e. exclusives) and having games on your platform that are consciously and maliciously denied to other platforms is viewed as something positive. Xbox 360 had better exclusives and the Halo franchise, as always, was its saving grace.
  5. Welcome to the forums Anomandaris :)

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