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  1. Really useful info. This is one of the best description of this whole confusing "Scene vs P2P" topic. I actually read all this a while back somewhere else, but regardless you gave credit.
  2. Thanks have always wondered how torrents are uploaded. Seems simple enough and may come in handy if I want to send a friend a large file over the net.
  3. Well all three methods described here can hide your IP. I think the most practical method for just hiding your IP is using a VPN.
  4. Great guide! I'm not sure however I understand what exactly is the benefit of this method over just using the regular RSS downloader that comes built-in on uTorrent? Anyway, I really should try to think of other useful things to do with IFTTT so to make my life more efficient.
  5. Immensely useful guide. And it is still accurate after four years. Anyone starting with private trackers should know this things and therefore this guide is a great read. I especially appreciate point #9, it help me set the right upload rate.
  6. If anything those two are overrated. They are so "exclusive" they are pretty much impossible to get into, but at the end of the day they don't really have much content that you can't find on other, easier to get into trackers.
  7. Nothing said here makes sense ... On topic RSS auto download is useful for grabbing torrents automatically. It is really useful for automatically get TV shows you download and watch every week. It is also useful for getting new torrents on private trackers fast and early so you can seed as much as possible.
  8. Well some of those movies are great (like Django Unchained). But the first one you mentioned, Movie 43, is what I heard to be one of the worse movies ever. Some of my friends that don't have high-standards for movies said that it is the worse movie they have ever seen. The plot however does sound interesting, so the only reason I would ever bother to watch it is just to see how bad can it possibly be... But then there are a million better movies that I can watch instead.
  9. Well now Bitgamer is "back". There is a new private games tracker on bitgamer.ch . However from my understanding it isn't really related to the original bitgamer. It is just a site that tries to reclaim its former glory as much as it can. The plus side however is that it's quite easy to get into, I got into it very recently through a open sign-up. Blackcat Games or GazelleGames are probably better tracker though than this new bitgamer.
  10. Currently I only use a desktop. Before I had an Asus laptop I got in 2010. Back then I figured a laptop costs about the same and can still be used on a desktop and connect to a mouse, keyboard and even a monitor. So why not get it? In the end, in all the 4 wondeful years I had that laptop, while I did like it I can count the amount of times I used outside of my house on one hand. I never used it in my bed or sofa or anything, 99% of the time it was just sitting on my desk with a mouse and keyboard like a regular desktop. Now my laptop got stolen recently and since after I got my laptop I got more and more into gaming (the laptop could play many games on medium to low settings with the average Nvidia mobile graphics card it had), and I saw that desktops actually offer much better performance for a price, so I got a powerful desktop instead. I'm happy with what I have now. I have nothing against laptops of course, just currently in my lifestyle and usage they're not useful.
  11. I currently have: 2TB HDD, 250GB SSD, 500GB external hard drive.
  12. A good thing to remember in life is anything can be great, or horrible, the secret is balance; everything in moderation. Play and enjoy video games - they're great! But make sure that's not the only thing you ever do. Make sure that you are not addicted and only play when you want to and have nothing better to do, not because you really can't stop yourself from playing. If you have an extremely addictive personality then maybe you should avoid video games.
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