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  1. What kind of content does have, just curious, I have a invite I may be willing to trade.
  2. So lets cover some of the things they suggested and go from there: Hi, I'm Will and I'm in my 20's and am an audiophile. I like to build subwoofers the size of refrigerators and listen to music the way it was intended (at concert level) as much as I do at casual listening levels. I'm not actually sure how I found inviteHawk because I've had an account since 2013 (or at least been on the newsletter). I'm assuming because I was trying to get on BTN or something else prestigious at the time. Recently I haven't been torrenting as such and most of my private tracker accounts are now gone because I haven't used them. I do however cherish the few I have left and have always had 5+ ratios on them. I'd like to get back into or something like it, blackcats, and hdspace. Also looking for an e-book one (like, again went stale) I'm sure I've used this username on some tracker, I'll refrain from saying which one. Do you use same browser for your trackers and InviteHawk ? [ Answer this question with only YES/NO, don't mention what browser you using] Usually I browse with a single browser, although I have several - so sometimes