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  1. Winner will be announce on 25th of December
  2. @OctopuSyou should do the same ;)
  3. where merit goes once a staff apply for a GA what does make it sense?(You asked me and other guy for proofs before staff apply means u select us but....unfair) Anyways Reputation taken away from this thread
  4. I would like to apply for bithumen Thanks in advance
  5. Hello Admin I knew I'm new here on IH but i would love to take chance to get in some high level tracker on this Great GA on Christmas. Please Consider my humble Application for What.cd Invite and AwesomeHD - Unused Account M-Team Invite or Sinderella - (-50)GB Buffered Account. Christmas Party will be More Awsesome Please Please Please!!!
  6. Sorry for delay Proofs sent via PM please check and decide
  7. 1x sceneaccess.eu Account to GA Add Rep and apply but no PM Please. Add a positive feedback after handover the account.
  8. Nice Giveaway buddy i will apply for this
  9. Social media has become mainstream and as someone said: every media becoming social. I always think some brands and their attitudes to social media, content marketing, management. It is clear from every angle, except from view, that most brands are overlooking the "social" in front of the social media. This is what sets social media apart from other kinds of media. To excel in social media, you begin with cultivating a social media mindset. Most have not understood what this platform offers. To make sure you walk in the right way, the following are 5 Big Mistakes in Social Media Marketing that you must to know. Only entry into social media Many peoples using social media makes a lot of others just went along to use social media as part of the trend. Many of them are often simply create an account and securing their business name, but after that no further follow-up on. Some others try to activate them, but often inconsistent and imprecise communication style. Do not set targets The target to be achieved is one important thing that I and the team always emphasize to our clients. This is a standard set by some big companies. However, very unfortunate, my friends business are often not aware of this, so since there is no target is pursued many of them are only making 'let it flow'. Too many sales The goal of social media is to be able to increase the turnover and profit of our efforts, but often do not quite right. The basic principle of social media is 'Share first, then selling', but many are often swapping it. We usually use a proportion of 80 : 20 for the use of content where as simplicity is in content 5, 4 content is useful things and 1 content to inform product. Inconsistent Consistency is an important thing that must be applied in all things, including in social media. When you as a user of social media and you see a brand appears on your timeline for 2-3 days, but after that it disappeared and a that brand appeared about 2-3 months later, do you think it is good and worth to following? of course not. Therefore try to be consistent in Social Media. Do not have a specialized team Like it or not to build a social media accounts required investment of time and expense to make this strategy can walk up. I'm sure many of you who is the owner of a business so that the time you have a very valuable thing to promote your business at this time. Therefore, we always recommend that you do not do the technical stuff for social media, build a specialized team focused to take care of this matter so that your time can be used to take care of things that are more strategic. Other alternative than to build an internal team, you also can use the service provider (agency) to assist developing your social media accounts in which each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Do you also do from the five points above? If you do not, it's good for your marketing. But if yes, you must to turn around your social media marketing.:)
  10. With website manager and SEOer, “Content is King”. Since most content starts with written words, it doesn’t matter what type of content you produce, you can benefit from knowing the secrets of professional writers. Content Writing Tips #1: Do Deep Research Good content writing requires deep research on the particular area and be ready to answer the audience questions and suggestions. Target audience always used to look for more detail about product features and benefits. So try to give more information over the competitor’s articles. Content Writing Tips #2: Write it Clear, Keep it So Easy A good article should be brief, clear and crisp so that it can be understood by who are all reading it. A content writer should be careful with the way he takes his way of explanation. It should be very clear and it should not confuse the reader in any point of time. Content Writing Tips #3: Following own style of narration According to the fast changing market strategy, each content writer needs to keep themselves updated with the market happenings. They need to look it to the co-writers way of approach for study purpose if it makes sense keep note of those things too. But in any point of view you should not divert from your own style of explaining the actual topic Content Writing Tips #4: Keep working on your writing skill More successful content writers used to read more. It makes their mind sharp. So as much as you spend on reading will definitely take you through success. Content writers need to write regularly and keep writing will make their skill sharpen and they can possible do faster content without mess up with information loss or deviating from the original topic. Content Writing Tips # 5: Mesmerize your audience You should know how to make the audience to stay on your blog as well as confirming their frequent visits. It is possible by using attractive headlines and unimaginable content. So the visitor/reader/customer always love to stay where he find stuff which mesmerize him. So while writing content look into this point and write accordingly.
  11. For host a website on your dinamic ip you need: 1:windows OS,works with linux too, but in virtual machine. 2:a cloudflare free acc. 3:a domain (works with free domain too) 4 a cpanel client for windows (you can find on google ) From cloudflare website,in your acc you need to add a domain,then go to your domain and change dns with cloudflare dns. Install cpanel (my is ampps) start cloudflare dns client and add your (cloudflare acc info,user,pass,api key),then press Fetch and then update. If you have a router open port 80 to your pc. https://youtu.be/JQ3LGkJyWWY Enjoy!!!
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