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  1. Dear MTV, First, we would like to welcome all of the new members who have joined in the wake of Freshon.tv closing. We know that a lot of you were there for quite a long time, longer than MTV has even existed, and we hope you'll come to love this site just as much as you clearly loved Freshon A lot of new users have been asking for the class restriction on upload rights to be lifted. For the time being, please send a staff PM if you want to start contributing but can't because of your userclass. Please remember, this large influx of users is taking up a LOT of the staff team's time. We're still taking applications from former Freshon users, and they haven't even started slowing down yet. If anyone can help out with processing applications over the weekend, that would be greatly appreciated. Please join IRC and ask fallout for more info We would also like to remind everyone that we're currently recruiting more First Line Support members! We've made a few additions to the team already, but with the new influx of users we've decided to extend FLS recruitment in order to help cope. If you want to give back to the community, this is your chance! Please visit this thread for more info. Best Regards, - MTV Staff
  2. Would love to have access to alpharatio. Can provide multiple proofs if needed via pm.
  3. It totally works, I've gotten a survey about once a week and it's usually a question or two. You can get anywhere from $0.10 to $2.00 for answering a survey. Just make sure you have the app set to not be optimized (under battery) so it always runs and gets you more surveys. Also make sure you have location on, and keep it on because that is how the app works. By using your location to see where you have been and ask you questions.
  4. Using Avast free, had Bitdefender but after an update it completely screwed over my computer and I had to re-install everything.
  5. Audio-Technica ATH-M40 They are meant to be at a desk and not moved around and it has a very long cable which is nice.
  6. Right now I have 14 trackers, but use only 6. Bunch of them are trackers I don't want to get rid of, and some of them I'm looking to get rid of.
  7. What.cd was closed by French cybercrime authorities. So you can no longer get invites to what.cd. Source: https://www.theverge.com/2016/11/17/13669832/what-cd-music-torrent-website-shut-down
  8. I'm already on a good number of trackers (BHD, MTV, PTM, Apollo) so I'm not constantly looking to join new trackers but I hope to rank my way up.