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  1. Tracker Name: X-ite.me, Hon3yHD Genre: LGBT and Adult trackers Sign Up Link: http://hon3yhd.com/signup.php https://x-ite.me/account-signup.php Closing Time: Unknown
  2. It could be a little bit impatient to wait for the torrent file to finish while you are at work. Some torrent clients offer mobile software so that leechers could tele-view their torrent progress at home. Others have some software to download torrent even on your mobile device, but its disk sizes are normally cramped. Do anyone have any experience on this? I got stuck with some mobile app, now I am using Qbittorrent.
  3. There are many great laptop branches around the world, for various purposes but the torrent. People commonly use computers or stations for the torrent, laptops are different. Computers can be on-air nonstop, laptop on and sleep; computers have large disk drives and exchangeable, those of laptops are fixed and limited; people have a stable internet connection at home, laptops change public networks everywhere we go. I am using MSI for design purposes, so strong hardware - including wifi connection, large disk size, fit for downloading torrent as well. How about you?
  4. Some people have years of experience playing with public trackers and simple private tracker, but that's not enough to go further with high-class Private trackers. Offers from public trackers are attractive with HitnRun, no register requires, no maintaining ratio or upload to keep. Leechers could exchange for enormous GB upload by soft point system from simple private trackers. Private trackers demand higher standards, so tighter rules of torrent clients, some with no registration, point systems to exchange. If one decides to step into the dungeons of those trackers, they must have some following key preparation: client check (validation, port-forwarding, down/upload speed), read FAQ and tracker Rules in detail, ask for help as soon as you could, and DO NOT give up. I asked for Bitspyder Invite weeks ago, and meet most the mistakes listed above. The ex-clients is Azureus/Vuze, and the customization is more than enough with Hdvnbits/TorViet, HD-Space, countless other public ones; then failed. Buying a mistake with a massive size torrent on Bitspyder, which has no bonus point system that I prefer, a lovely red warning size had appeared next to my username for days. Though uploads some of mine e-learning material up there, the ration is still some eggs. I rushed for any help, asked Bitsypder staff, read read and re-read, but still the Magikarp action. Finally, I found out, Bitspyder does not support the Blue Frog client. Thanks to @Ulquiorra advice, Qbittorrent client replaced the old one. The 'No Connectable' on Bitspyder hasn't changed, but the upload has already improved greatly. My port-forwarding makes the download speed faster and hence the disappear of Bitspyder warning. Many thanks. J. P.S: If you find the similar issues, please let me know so we could exchange, Or if you have better experience to deal with the situation, please comment to help other leechers, who start to play with high-class Private traders also.
  5. Why do you think so, philosopher?? That sounds great, @bluepanda But just focus on maintaining the radio, or even check the forum, post, poll, chit-chat and other stuff?? Sounds like a noob from a LEGEND It sure sounds like your name, @Coldsoul Btw, thank you for your detail. To me, that is very impressive.
  6. Welcome on board, have fun, dude!
  7. Welcome on board, have fun, dude!
  8. Welcome on board, have fun, dude!
  9. Welcome on board, have fun, dude!
  10. Welcome on board, have fun, dude!
  11. Welcome on InviteHawk board, nice to see you here !
  12. Welcome on InviteHawk board, nice to see you here !
  13. Welcome on InviteHawk board, nice to see you here !