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  1. I'm sure you love it, But can't imagine the fact with Trump face under Kim' hairstyle.
  2. To make this clear, from what the English invented soccer, and why the sport appeared in England? Secondly, things are not just about the name, but the skills and moves, and many have found and develop their style, not from the 'original' English or modern sport soccer, but from the old time 'diluted version' in ancient China.
  3. Welcome on board. Enjoy being in InviteHawk, dude.
  4. Tracker Name: Videoteka (VT) | MOVIES / TV Genre: General Sign Up Link: http://erwomi.info/signup.php Closing Time: Soon! Additional Information: Videoteka (VT) is a Slovenian Private Torrent Tracker for Movies/TV
  5. There are many nations with great football players and teams around the globe. But how many people know that the origin of football comes from Ancient China? A Chinese game called cuju (蹴鞠) has been recognized by FIFA as the first version of the game with regular rules. It existed during the Han dynasty and possibly the Qin dynasty, in the second and third centuries BC. The Japanese version of cuju is kemari (蹴鞠) and was developed during the Asuka period.[16] This is known to have been played within the Japanese imperial court in Kyoto from about 600 AD. In kemari several people stand in a circle and kick a ball to each other, trying not to let the ball drop to the ground. There are a number of references to traditional, ancient, or prehistoric ball games, played by indigenous peoples in many different parts of the world. The Ancient Greeks and Romans are known to have played many ball games, some of which involved the use of the feet. The Roman game harpastum is believed to have been adapted from a Greek team game known as "ἐπίσκυρος" (Episkyros). The politician Cicero (106–43 BC) describes the case of a man who was killed whilst having a shave when a ball was kicked into a barber's shop. Roman ball games already knew the air-filled ball, the follies. Episkyros is recognized as an early form of football by FIFA. The Māori in New Zealand played a game called Ki-o-Rahi consisting of teams of seven players play on a circular field divided into zones, and score points by touching the 'pou' (boundary markers) and hitting a central 'tupu' or target. These games and others may well go far back into antiquity. However, the main sources of modern football codes appear to lie in western Europe, especially England.
  6. NEW YORK – Miami Heat guard Josh Richardson has been fined $25,000 for throwing his shoe into the spectator stands, it was announced today by Kiki Vandeweghe, Executive Vice President, Basketball Operations. Being a good player is not just talent, but also a Fairplay style, with a kind heart. Mine, Larry Bird. How about you? Opposite example https://www.nba.com/5bab6a31-b707-45f5-9009-a0d62eb72618
  7. No one loves basketball could forget its era between 198x, with two teams with two great team leaders, Magic and Bird. There were greatest games that attract and elude us all. Now, from the same team Cleveland, one moved to the Lakers, another to the Celtics, Lebron James and Kyrie Earvin. What could happen next? Who watches movies Uncle Drew could see the old man Kyrie brought his teammates back, could he do it in real life with the Basketball team of Clover? And might the James could be aggressive as he did with Mr. US President? This couple brings me back to the time between Shaq and Kobe. Hope that they could find each other in the Final. Or be beaten again under skillful Curry, Durant, and other Golden generation teammates.
  8. Nearly four decades ago, two legends had made the NBA greater again. Many could have Michael Jordan appears inside your head, yet it's not. Larry Bird and Earvin Magic Johnson, black and white, still the best of all time PG and SF by numerous votes, 33 and 34, Trask talker and Player Maker, LA Lakers and Boston Celtics. Both of them soon left the basketball court. Magic met tragic HIV for his play-time in the Showtime, Bird for his tough style play with all the heart in every game. Hate each other for the same mind, but still great a friend of time. Watch the NBA Dreamteam and understand why. Come back to modern day time. NBA Redeem team, truly hate, I guess. Now again in Lakers and Celtics, James and another Earvin. Could it bring people together, even from different color skins as Johnson and Larry, or the opposite? Let's see. Kyrie Irving Scores 43, Celtics Beat Raptors 123-116 In OT, how about James?
  9. Lebron James is being well-known as one of the best. However, there is one mystery. The teams that signed contracts with this basketball players, found their place on top basketball teams, some even got the NBA Championship, but soon tore apart its connection. Like the Miami Heat, or Kyrie Earvin - the golden boy, left the Cleveland for this main reason: Lebron James. Sure James is one great businessman, and team quick problem solver, but not the actual team leader. Hope that he could find a more suitable style with the LA Lakers. And see what conversation between Trump and him fires next.
  10. Thanks for your encouragement, @Web-Man
  11. Haha, I'm sure you love Swimming @Web-Man , but the idea of Spiderman loves Swiming is nailing me In my country, many of the young consider E-sports could help increase their eyes and finger speed... lol How often do you go swimming, Swimming Lover?
  12. There are many kinds of Sport in the World and everyone should play Sports sometimes, not just Torrent all day , So which Sport do you like most, I might know many, but is there anything that makes you a zealot everytime you play?
  13. I have been in InviteHawk for a week. Loves to see numbers and data, I move my cursor to 'Members Shop' and click 'Statistic'. What I found is wonderful with charts and graph from staff and top member with great achievement. However, I really want to know more about my bonus points Statistics also, how do you guys think about that?
  14. InviteHawk 18+ Only Club contains Adult Content. You might not interested in this section and register for other stuff, but have you ever been distracted by it, adults?
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