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  1. Dear HDC users, !!!Brilliant!!! we have managed to collect enough donations to run the tracker for several more months! Many thanks again to all supporters!! Have fun on HDC and with the advent calendar! -Staff
  2. Tracker Name:SportHd Genre:sports Review (If Any Sign Up Link:http://sporthd.org/signup.php Closing Time: very soon! Additional Information:SportHD is a Private Torrent Tracker for HD Sports Releases
  3. Tracker Name:RaNsAcKeD CrEw Genre:General Review (If Any Sign Up Link:http://theransackedcrew.com/signup.php Closing Time:soon! Additional Information:RaNsAcKeD CrEw. (RSC) is a Private Torrent Tracker for 0DAY / General Releases
  4. Tracker Name : MoreThanTv or AlphaRatio hope someone can spare me an invite !!!
  5. DONOR'S CHOICE GOLDEN SERIES -- WEEK 1 The first freebie in this series is "They Don't Wear Black Tie" by Brazilian director Leon Hirszman. details.php?id=43724 It has been picked by t*****, one of the four winners of the Donors Raffle, with the following motivation: "It is a wonderful movie, and making it golden is a good chance for members to get in touch with this Brazilian Cinema gem." Many thanks to t***** for this excellent choice, and of course to d********* for uploading the torrent in the first place. This torrent will be golden until next Monday, November 19th, 3:00 PM GMT (give or take a few hours). Some of the other winners still have to acknowledge receipt of their prize. If we don't hear from them in a couple of days, we will have to draw lots a second time. So it's not over just yet! If you have made a donation during our recent fundraiser you may still have a chance to win. Stay tuned!
  6. Well, it's been a bit since the last one of these happened, huh? At about 8:30 UTC+0 (12:30AM PST), an admin account was compromised, and a news notification was sent out saying we needed money to keep this site running, and to donate to bitcoin to a bitcoin wallet. They also sent the same message to a few users as well. Be aware, we never have and (most likely) never will accept BTC. The only donation methods we've ever accepted have been Flattr (and on the rare occasion, Paypal.) We've also never offered any sort of ratio bonus for donating. Not only is that a silly thing for such a niche and tight-knit tracker like sows, but it could also be seen as for-profit piracy, which we're really not about here. We were made aware of this news post after one user notified us, and informed us they'd also received a PM. To circumvent this, we checked and saw that only about 120 PMs were sent out, by the system account. The PM was a copy-paste of the news article. All of these PMs were deleted. We also have no reason to believe any user information was compromised. We do, however, want to use this moment to stress that security is important and you should use strong and unique passwords for all services. If you have any further questions, feel free to send in a staff PM or poke any of the Admins or SysOps in the Discord.
  7. "Site is down for maintenance, please check back again later... thanks"
  8. Tracker Name: Torrentland Genre:General Review (If Any Sign Up Link: http://torrentland.li/sbg_login_classic.php Closing Date- soon Additional Information:Torrentland is a Spanish Private Torrent Tracker for Movies / TV / General Releases.Closing Time: soon
  9. Tracker Name: Redemption Genre: general Review (If Any Sign Up Link: http://redemption.pw/index.php?page=account Closing Time: very soon ! Additional Information:Redemption is a Private Torrent Tracker for Movies / General Releases
  10. Help Wanted Uploaders and DJ's. Contact staff for further details.
  11. Important Announcement about IP monitoring system and Account Pruning 1. To enhance the safety of our tracker and members and deter potential attack, we‘re implementing an IP monitoring system that requires some users to declare their IP(IP whitelist) Who needs to declare? Whoever uses a static IP, be it server rental or home/business broadband with static IP. How? 1. Go to User CP: Code: https://totheglory.im/my.php 2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and locate `IP record`. The first declaration is free and subsequent ones cost you 5,000 points each. When will it be monitored? Login and browsing the site, torrent connection to tracker and account recovery. What is the declaration format? One IP/ IP range each line. e.g. or 2. As we have considerable amount of inactive users, we start to enforce the account pruning rules strictly following the rules WEF 31 Dec 2017. If you know someone who has been away from the tracker for long time, please inform them, otherwise their accounts will be pruned automatically. Code: https://totheglory.im/rules.php
  12. Tracker Name: FREEDOM HD Genre:HD Review (If Any Sign Up Link: http://freedom-paradise.eu/account-signup.php Closing Time:Open only for a few slots, so hurry up. Additional Information:Freedom-HD is a French Private Ratioless Torrent Tracker for HD Movies/general releases
  13. November Newsletter Hi, our apologies for the delay for this newsletter, we have just been busy tweaking things, so.. Torrent clients So, we will now be enforcing the Blacklist. If your account is found to be using anything on the list, you will receive a warning, you will then have one week to rectify this. After that, you account will be locked until you resolve the situation. [Discuss here] The rules have been updated accordingly, see: rules.php?p=clients Invite threads We now have 6 Official invite threads on other sites for BrokenStones: HDBits, Redacted, lztr, myanonamouse, PTP and Awesome HD Currently we are looking at 2 other sites. We would like to welcome all new members from the above threads, there are quite a few of you, so just pop in and say hi. forums.php?page=16&action=viewthread&threadid=31 Please be aware, if you joined through a Staff invite thread and you fail to manage your account correctly, there will be a 3 strike and out rule for the account. New uploaders Please read the rules, they clearly state what you should be doing....... If you fail to get the upload right, it does state in our rules what will happen. [Discuss here] Image host update Banned added to list see wiki.php?action=article&name=Image+Hosts Added: ultraimg C.O.R.E. serialiser KG This is not working on 10.14 if you are running a lower os, please utilise this and post a serial number along side the KG. Competitions Stylesheet winner...... See: forums.php?action=viewthread&threadid=2320 Find the Pumpkin.... We had no entries for this so, currently we are suspending the competition element of the newsletter. Ratio Issues We have been informed of members not showing their seeds and snatches correctly. This is still a work in progress. First-Line Support Do you have some spare time and feel you can offer support to other members.... Send staff a PM and who knows
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