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  1. My bad, i'm not too familiar with scene rips other than knowing a specific group puts their name on a rip. With H266, I would hope there is hardware built for that encoding, so adoption will probably take a while.
  2. I don't think it's exclusive to any one tracker and it varies on the amount, but IPTorrents has x265 Blu-Ray rips. Usually the x264 hits first and you would have to wait for an x265 rip. I've found this pretty common with TV shows, where the 264 is available immediately and then the x265 comes out a week or two later.
  3. Probably NaughtyAmerica cuz it checks all the fetish boxes for me. Right now I'm into VR porn, so VRBangers or NaughtyAmericaVR.
  4. Pirating, I get control over the quality and don't have to worry about quality going down midway through the episode. 1080p HEVC + PotPlayer is my preferred go-to, but H.264 isn't too bad.
  5. Ass, especially if it's toned af and in yoga pants.
  6. Monster Rehab - Lemonade, Orangeade, or the OG Green Tea (RIP that flavor) Rockstar Recovery - Lemonade NOS - Original flavor Right now I'm just drinking Gfuel cuz it's dirt cheap
  7. idk 3/10 looks a little malformed
  8. Get a permission slip signed by her parents, like the kids do for field trips.
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