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  1. Crazyhour All torrents free and triple upload credit! starts in 08:02:27
  2. Hit & Run System Update Good news! After much deliberation we have decided to increase the permissible H&R count to 10. This increase from the previous 3 is in the hope that it will keep non-seedbox users alive. With love, Staff
  3. Google Translation: The chariots of the Gold Mine are full! Freeleech for all until 2019-07-18 18:29:58, Quebec time.
  4. Google Translation: Witness this tenth anniversary Looking forward to the next tenth anniversary
  5. NBL Semi-Auto Uploader NBL Semi-Auto Uploader has been tested and is now known to work with Debian 10 Buster. The old guide has been trashed and the new one can be found here // So say we all Discuss this post here
  6. Congratulations to s****** who won lottery 2019-28 Results for Lottery 2019-28 *** people entered, with a total sweetening of ****GB. Winners were: FIRST PLACE 100GB s****** SECOND PLACE 50GB ***** THIRD PLACE 30GB
  7. Google Translation: Warning! Friday (19th July 2019) from 21:00 the server will not be accessible due to server maintenance. Maintenance is expected to last until dawn at 5 am!
  8. Google Translation: AEW Fight For The Fallen 2019 PPV We have the new PPV Online ... In x264 / 720p / 1080p
  9. Google Translation: Important news Attention! Forthcoming Friday (July 19, 2019) From 21:00 due to server maintenance, the site will not be available!
  10. Dedsec

    Kufirc News

    Google Translation: Freeleech 3 hours and 9 minutes
  11. This week we spotted an odd takedown request. None other than Hollywood's MPAA asked Google to remove from its search results. This wasn't the real MPAA though, but an imposter that has sent tens of thousands of takedown demands, mostly targeted at pirate streaming sites. In 2012, Google first published a Transparency Report for search-related copyright takedown notices. This rather enlightening database allows outsiders to check what URLs copyright holders want removed from the search engine. In recent years Google has processed more than four billion URLs. While most of these requests are legitimate, there have also been plenty of errors, mistakes, and in some instances; clear abuse. Most of the cases we covered in the past dealt with rightsholders targeting perfectly legal content, ranging from news articles, through open-source software, to Facebook’s homepage. Over the past year, however, we’ve noticed a different but equally disturbing trend. Among the millions of notices Google receives on a weekly basis, there are now quite a few ‘fake’ submissions. Fake, in this case, means that the submitter pretends to be or represent someone else. Someone who it clearly isn’t. We first spotted this late last year when imposters targeted many pirate sites with suspicious takedown requests. These were presumably sent by competing pirate sites, trying to remove the competition from Google’s search results. More recently, imposters even tried to remove a Netflix listing. Today we have another example that’s perhaps even more blatant. It involves the name of Hollywood’s very own anti-piracy group, the MPAA. In recent weeks Google received a flood of notices claiming to be from the Hollywood group. While the MPAA is based in the U.S., the notices in question are sent on behalf of “MPAA UK” and “MPAA Member Studios DE”. However, none of the listings below, including “MPAA Member Studios US,” are legitimate. It appears that someone is pretending to be the MPAA, sending takedown requests for tens of thousands of URLs. Fake MPAA’s Looking more closely at the takedown requests, we see a familar pattern emerge. The notices mainly target a small group of ‘pirate’ sites. For example, over 10,000 URLs of the Turkish movie streaming site were targeted in just one week, with most notices coming from fake MPAA’s., and other Turkish streaming portals such as,, and, get the same treatment, either by a fake MPAA or another scammer. Interestingly, these imposters are rather sloppy at times. On several occasions they put the infringing URLs in the “original works” box, labeling the MPAA’s homepage as the infringing content. Luckily for the real MPAA, Google didn’t remove it. Pirate MPAA? As we have highlighted in the past, these imposters are likely to be competing pirate sites, who want to take out the competition by making their opponents’ sites unfindable in Google’s search results. A clear case of abuse. At the time of writing, Google has complied with several of the fake takedown requests, removing the allegedly-infringing URLs. However, the search engine does appear to be aware of the problem, and has labeled some submissions as being fake. The imposter situation definitely doesn’t help the credibility of the takedown process. Google has its hands full and we imagine that the MPAA isn’t happy with the misuse of its name either. That said, the Hollywood group certainly isn’t alone in this. Several other rightsholders and anti-piracy organizations have imposters as well, including Marvel, Warner Bros., MarkMonitor, DigiGuardians, Marketly, and many others. Source:
  12. The Freeleech period has ended so all users are requested to seedback what u download atleast 1:1 or else u will have trouble regards DT Mgmt
  13. Welcome to the Community @Juliendonkey