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  1. I'm actually envious lol, I was eying all of those products when looking at audiophile gear
  2. @megadeth1990 Respect, I find it's a bit tedious when I look into diy and repair things especially. When did you get into the audiophile life? And to be honest, though it's all tedious to me sometimes, I find myself knowing more every time I delve into the literature. Do you have a preference for what type of audio setup you prefer? I have a lot of vinyl loving friends, but I personally enjoy the ability to listen to music as I involve myself in day to day tasks and the vinyl life is just too much upkeep.
  3. @megadeth1990 I actually have a dac built into my mp3 player it's a sony nw-wm1Z (another gift i was incredibly lucky to get) and it's stellar, so thankfully i only have to worry about an amp. Thank you for the fiio recommendation! I too try to only have flac files, though i suppose it's not always possible so i try to get 256 or 320 kbps files. Do you have any trouble getting into the technical side of being an audiophile? Sometimes I find my eyes glazing over lol
  4. I have a surprisingly resilient dinosaur lenovo thinkpad T440s, it's 8 years old! Windows 10 with 500 gb storage, 8ram, intel 7, and the other specs are just sad. I love it though and it's served me well over the years
  5. I would like to be buds with some fellow audiophiles and ask for some recommendations for some gear if anyone is down to reply. Right now I'm looking around for a portable headphone amp, I have a set of Campfire Audio Cascades (which why the way are fucking AMAZING and I highly recommend) unfortunately they have a lightly higher than average impedance/amp requirement (38 instead of 32). I know it doesn't seem like a lot but I can feel the lack of power in them sometimes and I know they would really shine if I have a dope amp to drive em. So far I've been eyeing peachtrees portable amp but sadly it was discontinued. I know Fiio also have some decent amps for a reasonable price. Of course the dream is a Mojo Chord but I'm a student and broke as hell so I shall just dream about that one. I also am looking to replace my Shure SE535's I got them like 3 years ago and they're wonderful but I know there's better stuff out there and I would like to upgrade. So far I love the Noble Sweet Dulce's and I am also eyeing Campfire Audio's impressive IEM selection. Though I know there's a lot of wonderful stuff on massdrop as well and while I want all of the things they are in America and I really don't want to pay customs/duty. Also I'm always looking for music recommendations! I love any music that's got meaning, wonderful instrumentals/good rhythm/ beat, and is unique. I am also totally willing to exchange music/artist suggestions if anyone wants to! Thanks for reading this super long post!
  6. I listen to all types of music, however I find that most radio music grates on my nerves. So does unfortunately most country music, in terms of oldies I love golden age bollyhood, as well as jazz (ie: etta james, ella fitzgerald, nina simone etc). Recently I've been vibing to soft r&b such as raveena, H.E.R, and rayn lenae. I love how mixed genres are becoming more and more prevalent and that artists are encouraged to mix and explore different flavors of music. I recently have been binging Lily Allen's No Shame album. I've also been vibing hardcore to Lizzo recently. I also have a huge soft sport for rap and orchestrative music (I know my music tastes seem very scattered) . I have some amazing recommendations for most genres if anyone is interested ^^
  7. Sadly I have an iphone 6 (even though i dislike apple immensely). However, I am hoping to buy an essential phone (I'm waiting until the second one is released) . It's gorgeous and actually affordable, plus android phones are so much more customizable.
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