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  1. Rules: 1. Click on Like this post & add Rep 2. Reply to this post to apply, don't PM me. Don't forget to mention me @Shawonloko 3. Give me +1 Positive Feedback after you receive the invite Warning : If you do not follow rule number 1, 2 and your application will not be considered. If you are a winner, on receiving the invite, and you need to register, DO NOT use the same username as on invitehawk Winner: HD-Space : @kardashian09 Tasmanit : @rooney39 Bitgamer:
  2. 1x Hon3yHD Invite Giveaway Completed https://www.invitehawk.com/topic/147658-1x-hon3yhd-invite-giveaway/?tab=comments#comment-491188
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