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  1. I will DM you in few hours with the email. Thanks.
  2. Hi @Ethan, I wish to know if these Google Drive Account will work with the rclone for mounting? Thanks.
  3. Well, I am mostly finding the stuff I want to watch on General Trackers easily. So I would say, General. But the problem is that, there aren't really good quality general trackers in the market.
  4. x264 because, not all the media streaming devices are cool with x265/HEVC.
  5. I use Windows 10. Well, It's fine for the work I'm doing.
  6. Google Chrome, no matter what. It's the best browser.
  7. I have used RaspberryPi, So I would vote for that.
  8. Well, I seed as long as I have the storage space for the new torrent. But my minimum is 1:1 with 7 days of seeding.
  9. I use Desktop, it's more powerful compared to Laptop.
  10. Hey, I have both SSD and HDD in my system.
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