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  1. Fans were quick to comment on Thor's large appearance in the latest God of War: Ragnarok trailer. Powerlifter Darren McCormac has some thoughts of his own on the Ragnarok villain. Shortly after the Ragnarok trailer at the PlayStation Showcase last week, the internet quickly became filled with God of War fans and Thor memes. Those who have played 2018's God of War know that Thor was briefly shown at the end of that game, appearing at Kratos and Atreus' doorstep, appearing ready to fight. As exciting a tease as that was, fans never got a good look at Thor until the game's art director, Raf Grasetti, shared stills of the game's cast. Unlike Chris Hemsworth's chiseled, clean-shaven, Thor from the MCU, God of War's Thor is a large, gruff-looking man, whose hair is long and shaggy, and whose stomach protrudes off his chest. RELATED:God Of War Ragnarok Gives First Look At Thor TheSixthAxis' Tuffcub spoke with world record-breaking powerlifter Darren McCormac about his thoughts on Thor's appearance in Ragnarok. McCormac shares his thoughts quite directly, stating, "Like it or not, God of War’s Thor is the peak of male performance." He goes on to explain the correlation between bulk and strength, that the powerlifters who are lifting multiple times their bodyweight "won't be tall, they'll be bulky." Incidentally, with Thor as the bulky one, and the Norse mythology's Tyr as the tall one, Ragnarok is set to show off two very distinct types of male performance. McCormac continues his conversation, describing more specifically the appearance of powerlifters. According to McCormac, "Not all these guys [lifting the biggest weights] will have abs, far from it. They'll have a layer of lard over it, a power belly." Although bellies are often associated with a lack of athleticism, clearly in powerlifting that is the opposite case, it even seems like a key to success. Before ending his discussion, McCormac made the inevitable Thor comparison to the MCU's version, stating, "Any old fool can get abs – yes I am looking at you, Mr. Hemsworth – but a power belly and big traps (the muscles either side of your neck) are the sign of a bloody strong man." It is an awesome sight, seeing such a variety of characters appearing in games today. While some fans may not like the design of Ragnarok's Thor, Santa Monica is simply telling a story with its interpretations of these mythological places and figures, as indicated through the God of War Angrboda controversy. Rather than becoming frustrated at character depictions when the game finally launches, fans should sit back and let the game take them on the adventure Santa Monica has planned. Like McCormac notes, this bulky Thor is not going down easy. God of War: Ragnarok is set to release in 2022 for PS4 and PS5.
  2. Recent controversies at Blizzard have shaken the development studio's game communities in complex ways. Several long-term employees have left the company following the State of California's lawsuit alleging gender discrimination at Activision Blizzard, with their work spread across all of Blizzard's games. Overwatch was hit perhaps harder than others, due to one of its heroes being named after a departing employee. Now the Overwatch community is working to heal, brainstorming ideas for new names. Those Overwatch fans may not have to reach very far for a new name, either. One resourceful Overwatch fan pulled up a piece of concept art from the game's development that could prove very useful. The piece of art features a large number of characters that never made it into Overwatch, or more specifically, characters that were later redesigned or chopped to pieces to create fully fleshed-out characters. It just so happens that one of the characters appears to be a precursor to the one now without a name. RELATED:Overwatch Is Changing McCree's Name The proto-character is named McCloud and from the neck up looks extremely similar to the now-nameless Overwatch character. He has reddish auburn hair, as well as a beard. That's where the similarities, unfortunately, end, however. McCloud is a Scottish warrior with clear inspiration from the sci-fi movie The Highlander. He wields a large sword and has an ability named Only One. Beyond his head, there's no other connection to the nameless American cowboy in Overwatch. That's just how Blizzard designed characters early on in Overwatch's development, however. It's very realistic that McCloud's head was taken to make the American cowboy gunslinger character instead. There are many other examples, like proto-Mercy being named Angelica, Genji originally being named Hanzo, and Pharah being a shotgun-wielding pyromaniac named Firestarter. Needless to say, virtually every Overwatch character went through massive changes before release, except maybe Reaper. Ultimately, while McCloud does seem to have been the name for a character somewhat influential on Overwatch's cowboy character at one point, it doesn't make much sense to use anymore. Overwatch's community members get a gold star for effort, but there are likely plenty of better options. As for when Blizzard will be making a name change to the character, it's currently in the works. Blizzard has recently confirmed that it's moving forward, but it requires a lot of work. That's because Blizzard has recorded audio for the name from dozens of voice actors across all of Overwatch's supported languages. Then there's the in-game text and assets that need to be changed, too. Overwatch is available now on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One
  3. Of the many games released during 2020, Hades is one that took many by surprise. Winning multiple Game of the Year awards and introducing countless players to the cacophony of memorable characters that populate the game, Hades has managed to impress many in the gaming community. Though, after its cross-platform launch back in August, Xbox users have been facing a minor issue. Following the launch of Hades on Xbox consoles last month, players have been running into an issue that causes Hades achievements to not unlock on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. While there is a manual fix that players can use that forces the achievements to pop up, ideally, players just want the achievements to work as they normally would for any other game. Luckily, Supergiant Games has since fixed this issue. RELATED:Hades Fans, Voice Actor Recording Iliad Audiobook Over on Twitter, Supergiant Games announced that the issues with achievements not unlocking on Xbox platforms have been fixed following the most recent content update. This should put any qualms that Xbox users have regarding Hades achievments not unlocking to rest. Then again, it makes sense for there to be some minor technical issues with the newer versions of Hades. As with any new game release on a system that the game in question wasn't originally optimized for, there were bound to be some minute issues in terms of Hades' transition onto other major platforms. Regardless, the game is still managing to succeed very well on these other systems, with Hades becoming the highest rated Xbox Series X game shortly after it launched on the system. In any case, it's amazing to see how much success Hades has continued to have almost a full year after its initial release. In addition to being the highest rated Xbox Series X game, Hades also became the highest rated PS5 game following its cross-platform release. The fact that the game's popularity has managed to persist across all of these different systems is truly impressive. It will be interesting to see what the future holds in terms of Hades. Many fans of the game have been wanting Hades DLC, but so far, there hasn't been any indication of new content releasing. It's true that Supergiant Games hasn't released DLC for any of its previous games, it's possible that Hades might be an exception, given how popular the game has gotten comparatively. Then again, the developers likely spent a great deal of time and effort bringing the game to new systems, so new content might be a ways off. Hades is out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.
  4. Marvel’s Avengers is on the up and up, introducing promising new content and downloadable skins about a year after it was released. While the game launched to a mixed bag of reviews from both critics and fans, it’s carved out a dedicated player base willing to follow it through highs and lows. Those players have been periodically rewarded with cool new in-game items, and an upcoming one does right by MCU and Black Panther fans. Being introduced back in August, Black Panther is the biggest new character to land in Marvel’s Avengers since it launched. The character came as part of the War for Wakanda expansion, bringing a new story and a selection of skins for players to unlock. Those unimpressed with the customization offerings are now getting a new option, though, inspired by Black Panther’s Captain America: Civil War look, headed to the in-game store tomorrow, September 16. RELATED:Marvel's Avengers Releases Free Anniversary Bundle Over on Twitter, the official Marvel’s Avengers account revealed the new skin. It’s an accurate depiction of the suit from Civil War, boasting the slick black pattern and silver Vibranium accents that the character is known for. The skin represents Black Panther’s first outing in the MCU, so it undoubtedly holds a special place for many fans of the character. Of course, Black Panther wears a full mask, so it makes it even more difficult to discern between the MCU and Marvel’s Avengers versions of the character, which has been a point of contention for some. This isn’t the first time that an MCU-inspired skin has come to Marvel’s Avengers, either. In fact, the game has slowly been trickling them out for nearly every character on the roster, including Captain America’s and Thor’s MCU appearance skins. There’s a healthy number of MCU movies to pick from for skins, so it wouldn’t be unsurprising to see more make it to the game at a later date. Now, however, eyes are starting to look toward what’s next for the game beyond simple skins. Marvel’s Avengers released a 2021 roadmap for new content, which paints a better picture of where things are headed for the game. The most notable is, of course, Spider-Man coming to Marvel’s Avengers, though fans will also be getting the game’s first raid. While it might not have been perfect at launch, Marvel’s Avengers is starting to add the content that fans have been asking for. There have been some rocky decisions made along the way, though the current direction for the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes is a good one.
  5. Overwatch is a game designed around making awesome plays. With each game containing many swings in momentum, a coordinated push or quick reaction, such as a Reinhardt player destroying a Rip-Tire at the last moment, can change the outcome of a game. To improve, players need to learn to adapt and try new strategies, and that is exactly what one Reinhardt player is doing. There are 8 different tank characters in Overwatch, each with a unique kit. Despite these varied abilities, tanks typically fall into 2 categories: dive tanks and main tanks. As the name suggests, dive tanks such as D.Va or Winston typically use their abilities to push through chokepoints quickly and target weak opponents. On the other hand, main tanks like Reinhardt and Orisa focus on soaking up enemy damage for the rest of their team by utilizing shield barriers. However, one Reinhardt player is attempting to redefine these categories, showing players that the character can be a dive tank as well. RELATED:Overwatch: Blizzard Explains Why It's Taking Some Time To Reveal McCree's New Name In a recent Reddit post, user geezyclaps showed off a video of them playing Reinhardt. In the roughly 1 minute clip, the player attempted to prove that the shield tank can be just as effective when diving the enemy team. Using the charge mechanic, the player managed to reach many areas that were normally out of reach. The idea behind maneuvering to these unorthodox spots is that the Reinhardt player can then potentially catch his opponents off guard. Geezyclaps has put a lot of work into perfecting this strategy, as he demonstrated this tactic on many locations from Overwatch’s maps. Even though this recent clip only showed the player performing these charges in practice, they plan to make a follow-up video showcasing this Reinhardt dive strategy in matches. The Overwatch community seems to be enjoying this new tactics video for Reinhardt. With over 2,300 upvotes, gamers seem impressed with the many different locations geezyclaps was able to access after using the Reinhardt charge. While many fans wanted to test the strategy out for themselves, a support player commented that it would be challenging to try and heal a Reinhardt using these tactics. It will be interesting to see how effective these strategies are once Overwatch 2 eventually launches. While the sequel to the 2016 game doesn’t have a release date, the developers did reveal a massive change coming to team composition. According to the developers, Overwatch 2 teams will feature only 1 tank instead of 2. Time will tell if geezyclaps’ strategy of diving the enemy team as Reinhardt from these unusual positions is viable when there are no other tanks left to support the team. Overwatch is available now on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.
  6. It's been a bust couple of months for the popular live service title, Genshin Impact. MiHoYo's open world adventure title continues to add new content to the game, including a brand new region called Inazuma which arrived earlier this summer. The landmass is inspired by the real life country of Japan, and for players how have reached Adventure Rank 30 or above, the area is chock full of things to do, places to explore, and quests to complete. Since the massive 2.0 update, Genshin Impact has continued to deliver new content including a crossover event with Guerrilla Game's franchise, Horizon: Zero Dawn. Along with Aloy joining Genshin Impact as a playable hero, the 2.1 update also brought along new events, activities, and four new heros with one of them being Baal, the powerful Inazuma Electro Archon. Now, the title is preparing for the arrival of the next big 5 star character and Baal's rival, Sangonomiya Kokomi. RELATED:Genshin Impact Fan Shows Off Insane Eula-Themed PC Setup The latest teaser trailer for Genshin Impact gives fans their first major look at the resistance general who originates from Watatsumi Island. While she may not look like it, Kokomi is a tactics specialist while also serving as the island's Divine Priestess. The trailer highlights her young age and the doubts that she is ready for such a responsibility, though she is clearly skilled in the art of war, issuing directives and tactical commands to win the Vision Hunt Decree war. In addition to the teaser trailer, MiHoYo also released more information on Kokomi's abilities and powers ahead of her official launch on September 21, 2021. Kokomi is primarily a support character, capable of using hydro-based skills to help heal her allies. Elemental Skill: Kurage's Oath. This summons a Bake-Kurage which heals allies at fixed intervals based on Kokomi's max HP, while also applying the Wet status to her. In addition, Bake-Kurage does Hydro damage to surrounding opponents. Elemental Burst: Nereid's Ascension. Deals Hydro DMG to surrounding enemies and robes Kokomi in a Ceremonial Garment. While wearing the garment, Kokomi's damage increases based on her Max HP, she steals life for her allies, becomes resistant to interruption, and can move on the water's surface. These effects disappear when Kokomi leaves the field. With Kokomi representing the opposing faction to the recently released Raiden Shogun, it'll be interesting to see where MiHoYo takes the story now that both characters are available for players to add to the rapidly expanding roster. Fans who have unlocked Baal have already seen that she is a formidable character, able to fill both the support and burst DPS roles thanks to her electro abilities and polearm weaponry. Genshin Impact is available for Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5, with a Switch version in development.
  7. Sonic Colors Ultimate is a recently released remastered version of the original Sonic Colors that came out over 11 years ago, and Sega has been promoting it for the last few months in various ways, such as through the release of the short, animated feature Sonic Colors: Rise of The Wisps. Although the game is available now, it's only a few days into its shelf life, so Sega is still going out of its way to promote it. The most recent advertising stunt the publisher has given Sonic Colors Ultimate comes in the form of a Twitter Q&A, where the official Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account chose questions placed under an "Ask Sonic" hashtag and answered them with mini skits featuring the voice actors behind Sonic, Shadow, Tails, Eggman, and Yacker. One of the participants in the Q&A turned out to be the official Among Us Twitter account, which is where things get interesting. RELATED:Sonic Colors Ultimate Patch On The Way To Fix Launch Issues Among Us, of course, asked who among the five Q&A hosts was the biggest liar, and the Sonic team gave them a hilarious response. The skit starts off simple enough as each member goes down the line and personally speaks on where they think they stand in the rankings. At first, Eggman seems like the obvious candidate, but then it's Yacker's turn, and seeing as how it's an alien that can only communicate in chirps, Tails — who's apparently only ever told three lies before — translates. "Yacker says he likes murder," Tails begins, only to further escalate the situation. Not only does Yacker like murder, but his increasingly frantic chirps are him bragging about how he killed a man in an electric room at Tropical Resort. As one can imagine, this unsettles everyone listening, so they space Yacker with Sonic having the honor of pushing the button. The question of who's the biggest liar among the hosts then becomes apparent as a notice tells the group that Yacker was innocent. While the subversion of Tails being the biggest liar is somewhat expected, it's the degree of how much bigger a sinner he is compared to the other Sonic characters that makes the skit both shocking and hilarious. Not only has Tails apparently killed someone out in Tropical Resort, but he enjoys murder, and the ominous way he professes his fourth lie implies a host of things: He isn't sorry he got Yacker killed, and he might be plotting to send Sonic, Shadow, and Eggman to join the alien. Sonic Colors Ultimate is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.
  8. Unpacking has a release date, and it will arrive on day one on Xbox Game Pass, as well. During Gamescom 2021, Xbox confirmed multiple new Humble Games titles that would arrive on the service on day one. The tranquil game Unpacking was one of them, along with the likes of Archvale, Bushiden, Chinatown Detective Agency, Dodgeball Academia, Flynn: Son of Crimson, and Midnight Fight Express Next Space Rebels (some of which have already been released on the platform). Unpacking looks to be next on the list. Unpacking allows players to organize new homes without the stress of moving from one house to another. The newest trailer shows studio apartments, kitchens, living rooms, and more all being organized in a satisfying way with smooth and relaxing music playing in the background. Many fans have had their eyes on this indie-developed title, and they won't have to wait much longer as the game will launch in less than two months. RELATED:Xbox Game Pass Is Losing 5 Games At The End Of September Unpacking will release on November 2, 2021, on Xbox, PC, and Nintendo Switch. The release date has been a long time coming, and the trailer even plays that up. Although perhaps not one of the biggest fall games of 2021, Unpacking was shown off years ago and received rewards at game shows and events as far back as 2018. So fans should be happy to learn that the zen puzzle-like game will release at the beginning of November. The Humble Games and Xbox Game Pass confirmation makes it so that the game will release on Xbox Game Pass for free for those who have the service. Game Pass continues to be a service with big triple-A titles--with the first party Microsft games leading the charge--but it is home to quite a few indie releases as well. Unpacking and the Humble Games library appear to be a welcome addition. The Xbox Game Pass library continues to grow, both in terms of size and diversity. Recently it was confirmed that 13 games would be added to Xbox Game Pass in the next couple of weeks, and this does not include Unpacking. Some of these are smaller-scale indie titles, and around the corner the service still has big hitters like Halo: Infinite on the way. Whether it be games that provide massive RPG adventures, online first-person shooter action, or interesting indie experiences, Xbox Game Pass has a lot to offer. In terms of value, many argue that the service is perhaps the best on the market. Unpacking will release on November 2, 2021, for Xbox, PC, and Switch.
  9. Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is revealing details about its upcoming Season 4. Set to begin next week on September 21, the fighting game has released a trailer detailing what players can expect, including the addition of several fan-favorite characters. The Power Rangers fighting game developed by nWay features characters spanning the long-running franchise's many incarnations, along with a few crossover fighters. The most recently added options were Street Fighter's Ryu and Chun-Li, who not only received their own Power Ranger suits, but an Angel Grove casual skin as well. RELATED:WWE Stars The New Day Show Off Incredible New 'Power Rangers' Gear Posted onto YouTube, the roughly 90 minute trailer reveals four new characters coming in the Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Season 4 Pass. The bulk of the trailer is spent on Adam Park, the second-ever black ranger. Adam appears in his Black Ninja Ranger costume featured in 1995's Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie, and comes with an arsenal of agiile attacks. S.P.D.'s Doggie Cruger skin is revealed next, wielding his Shadow Saber, while Dino Charge's villainous Poisandra joins the fray in all her obnoxious pink glory. The final character revealed is the infamous Rita Repulsa, who many fans have hoped to see since the game's launch. The end of the video reveals the specific months when each fighter will become available. Adam Park launches along with Season 4 in September, Poisandra becomes playable in November, and Rita Repulsa is unleashed in December. It's important to note these characters aren't free DLC, and the Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Season 4 Pass must be purchased in order to access the new fighters. They also do not come with the recently released Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Super Edition, which includes all DLC for the title up through the Street Fighter crossover. With Power Rangers being such a nostalgic and recognizable property, some gamers may wonder why there haven't been more video games based on the IP. According to a former Saban employee, this was almost a different story a few years ago. In a series of tweets, Jason Bischoff revealed an open world co-op Power Rangers game was in early development, but unfortunately never got off the ground due to time and budget constraints. Bischoff reveals the game took inspiration from Rocksteady's Batman: Arkham series, and was effectively the same concept as the upcoming Gotham Knights. Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid's roster continues to grow with Season 4, bringing together characters ranging from niche to fan-favorites across the franchise's many shows. Its unclear if any other crossover characters will be added to the game, but Apex Legends' Horizon's latest skin makes her look like a natural fit. Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is out now for PC, PS4, Stadia, Switch, and Xbox One.
  10. Much time has passed since Ubisoft’s multiplayer pirate game Skull and Bones got an official status update, and at this rate it’s likely that much time will pass before one finally arrives. But until that happens, fans eager to explore the Golden Age of Piracy can look to a reliable source that has shared details potentially painting a picture of how the gameplay is taking shape. It goes without saying in 2021 that development on this swashbuckling adventure has been rougher than usual. Four years after its official reveal, the game remains missing in action, and from the sound of it, that’s thanks in large part to Ubisoft struggling to settle on a consistent vision for its combat and exploration. The result is that Skull and Bones has reportedly restarted development multiple times over the years, leaving fans with little clue as to what the current version actually looks like. RELATED:Pirate Game Skull And Bones Hit With Another Delay But it’s possible that has changed, because noted leaker and industry insider Tom Henderson divulged several details regarding Skull and Bones' gameplay and different systems in a Twitter thread. Starting off, he claims that ships will be separated into five size-based tiers ranging from small fishing boats to large galleons, and these will be split into three other categories based on function: Cargo, Combat, and Exploration. While big ships will likely prove useful in high-seas battles, Henderson states that smaller ships will have their own benefits as well, like being able to traverse shallow coasts and rivers. Buying a blueprint isn't the only hurdle though, as you'll need the right amount of resources such as wood, metal and fibre to build your ship. A bigger ship doesn't mean a better ship either, as smaller ships are more nimble and can go where bigger ships can't. — Tom Henderson (@_Tom_Henderson_) September 15, 2021 Progression in the game’s current version is based on the money earned through taking on various jobs, doing cargo runs, and raiding other ships, settlements, and fortresses. As players start with only a raft and then a small fishing boat, these objectives will be key to earning the means to construct proper pirate ships. From there, these vessels can then be outfitted with an assortment of weapons including cannons, balistas, flamethrowers, and mortars, and upgraded further with extra armor, smelteries, and storage boxes. Henderson also provides a clearer idea of the version of the Indian Ocean that serves as the game’s setting. While Skull and Bones’ map will largely consist of open sea, it will include land-based locations including a fictional pirate haven in Madagascar and the Coast of Azania (modern-day Mozambique). Players will be able to walk around these locations in a third-person perspective and interact with NPCs, and this will presumably be where players take on jobs before setting out to sea and engaging in Assassin’s Creed-inspired combat. The Twitter thread concludes with Henderson stating that the game isn’t “near completion” but is “at a decent spot” currently. To reiterate, Skull and Bones has had its fair share of development troubles, so if Henderson’s claims are accurate (and it’s worth reminding that they might not be), this could be a sign that things might finally be starting to come together and Ubisoft may soon be on the path towards smooth sailing. Skull and Bones is in development for PC, PS4, and Xbox One
  11. Rick Astley and Blossoms have announced two shows celebrating the music of The Smiths. After Tom Ogden and co surprised fans at their first of three shows at London’s O2 Kentish Town Forum earlier this week, by bringing out the 'Never Gonna Give You Up' hitmaker to perform The Smiths' classics 'Panic' and 'This Charming Man', they've announced 'The Songs of The Smiths' concert series. The 'Charlemagne' rockers and the 80s pop legend will play Manchester’s Albert Hall on October 8 and return to the O2 Forum Kentish Town on October 9. Blossoms' frontman Tom, 28, said: “The Smiths have always meant so much to Blossoms, with even their rainiest songs complete with wry humour and soul-reaching musicianship and melody. Their poppier moments are pure, joyful, danceable poetry. Imagine backing Rick Astley to play the songs of The Smiths? We’ve had wilder dreams, but not many. We’ll barely be able to believe it until it happens, but the dates are set, we’re studying every note, line and beat to say ‘thank you’ to The Smiths alongside Rick and do both of them proud.” Rick, 55, added: “From the moment The Smiths emerged in 1983 I was hooked and it’s as a fan, with deep respect as a musician for Morrissey, Marr, Rourke and Joyce, that I’ll be joining the endlessly enthusiastic and talented Blossoms on stage to sing their songs. It’s no secret that it’s been an ambition of mine to turn an idea that first sounded crazy, making more sense as Blossoms and I talked about it and then rehearsed it, into a reality. These shows will be nights that I’ll never forget.” Rick - who previously joined Foo Fighters on stage in 2017 to perform a mashup of Nirvana's 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' and 'Never Gonna Give You Up' - is making his dream come true, as he previously vowed to perform a concert of Smiths covers in Manchester. He said in 2016: "I do like doing that. Age has made me think I have to stop giving a s*** what anybody else thinks and do exactly what I want to do, so one day I’m going to do a gig in Manchester where I’m going to sing [all] Smiths songs because I absolutely love The Smiths. I’ll probably get lynched for it, but I just want to do it. Why not?" Tickets for the pair of shows go on sale on Friday at 9am from seetickets.com.
  12. Dave Grohl has hinted Foo Fighters will make an "insane prog-rock record" next. The 'Everlong' group's frontman has teased that the follow-up to this year's 'Medicine at Midnight' will head in a new direction after they experimented with a dancier, David Bowie 'Let's Dance' style on their most recent studio effort. In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Dave, 52, said: “Every album that we’ve made is a response to the one we made before. "So now there are whispers of making an insane prog-rock record.” The former Nirvana drummer hinting at their next direction comes after the heavy rockers went disco and released a Bee Gees cover record. Grohl and co renamed themselves the Dee Gees and released covers of their classic hits 'Night Fever', 'Tragedy', 'You Should Be Dancing' and' More Than a Woman' on the LP 'Hail Satin'. Meanwhile, guitarist Chris Shiflett recently joked Foo Fighters might need to embrace a softer style to still be playing together in 2036. The 'Learn To Fly' rockers - who formed in 1994 - are still going strong, and while the 50-year-old guitarist is backing their longevity, his hearing would suffer if they kept the same loud sound. He said earlier this year: "If my ears hold up, then sure! We're pretty loud onstage, man! "In 25 years, we'll all be on stools, playing ukuleles and doing ballads - but we might still be going! "Maybe we'll all be enclosed on a big plastic box with headphones and amp simulators." A more acoustic style wouldn't be a massive departure for Chris himself, who is a big country fan - although he doesn't bring those influences into the recording studio. He added: "If you look at all of our record collections, there's a pretty broad range of styles in there. Of course we have plenty of overlap and a lot of common ground, but then everybody kind of goes off into their own little areas. "But I don't really bring country-flavoured guitar ideas into the Foo Fighters. I just play a lot, y'know? "When the Foos aren't working, I'm my solo thing, I'm playing in the parents' band at my kids' school, or I'm off doing something or other, y'know?"
  13. Metallica are set to headline the inaugural Download Festival Germany. James Hetfield and co will rock Hockenheimring racing track in the Rhine valley on June 24, 2022. The heavy rock and metal festival will also see performances from metallers Five Finger Death Punch and Sabaton. Download - which started in Castle Donington, England, and was formerly known as the Monsters of Rock festival - is also held in France, Spain, Japan and Australia. Next June, Download will return to Leicestershire with headline performances from KISS, Iron Maiden and Biffy Clyro. The likes of A Day to Remember, Mastodon, Creeper, Code Orange, Black Veil Brides and Shinedown were also recently added to the lineup. Due to the pandemic, Download put on a three-day government test event dubbed the 'Download Pilot' this summer. A reduced capacity of 10,000 fans saw the likes of headliners Bullet For My Valentine, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes and Enter Shikari after showing proof of a negative PCR test. And Melvin Benn, managing director of the Festival Republic group, insisted it proved music events can be attended at full capacity without social distancing and masks. He said after the event: "It's extraordinary really. It's really fantastic. I am very heart-warmed by it all. "What is extraordinary about it is the level of compliance around the testing and requirements we have is absolutely extraordinary. "In a way that you would expect when you are in the middle or towards the tail end of a pandemic, that level of compliance is extraordinary. "It is coupled with a level of normality that is equally extraordinary when you have been out of it for so long."
  14. A man was arrested outside of Ariana Grande’s home on Friday after allegedly pulling a knife on security guards. According to TMZ, Aaron Brown, 23, is facing a “felony brandishing charge” over the incident, which occurred at 2 am outside of the singer’s mansion in the Hollywood Hills. Brown allegedly shouted at security guards to let him see the 7 Rings hitmaker, and when they told him to leave, he pulled out a knife. While it is unclear if Grande was home at the time of the incident, she was granted a temporary restraining order against the fan. A judge will decide whether to extend the order at an upcoming hearing. Last May, the singer and her mother Joan were granted a five-year restraining order against Fidel Henriquez after he followed a delivery truck onto her property. As reported by TMZ, once inside, the man went through her bins and knocked on the front door with a "love note in hand”. Henriquez was arrested for trespassing and battery after he spat on a police officer who arrived at the scene. In court documents, the Thank U, Next singer explained that she lived in fear of the man after the incident, which revealed he was carrying a note in which he threatened to kill her. The restraining order requires Henriquez to stay at least 100 metres away from both women.
  15. Ed Sheeran adds an Official UK Chart record to his ever-growing list of accolades as he becomes the first British solo artist to claim a full year at Number 1 across his catalogue on the Official Singles Chart. Last week saw Ed's single Bad Habits score an 11th week at the summit, tipping his tally of weeks at the top to 52 across his ten Number 1s. In 69 years of Official UK Chart history, only Elvis Presley (80 weeks) and The Beatles (69) have achieved more overall weeks at the summit. Ed's reign at Number 1 is showing no signs of slowing down yet as his new single Shivers is on course to replace Bad Habits at the top this Friday (September 17). Other artists who rank highly when it comes to overall weeks at Number 1 include Cliff Richard, who has 46 weeks at the top across his 14 chart leaders, and Justin Bieber's 38 weeks at the summit across his seven Number 1s. Calvin Harris, Drake and comeback heroes ABBA are all currently level pegging on 31 weeks, while Madonna and Take That have each notched up 29 week across their Number 1s.
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