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  1. done that long time ago but good it is no no more a virus its said as "eicar antivirus test file" if iam right
  2. My favorite Staff member

  3. they are under your avatars i think they're of no use because its better to have a invite or upload credit rather than wasting to buy a custom title. <_<
  4. kapsersky internet security 2011 is the best i ever used.. with free pirated licence lol :P
  5. and by the way why my rep went down...... i know that free seedboxes but still waiting for someone to help me......
  6. actually their tracker announce is not working because of the databases, recently there was a dbconnect error i think they use same integrated tracker with the script they designed or the one which they're using hope it'll work soon, till then use any other sites. ;)
  7. its back now again :D
  8. many of you have a long list of tracker do you open it daily??? its hard to do so....
  9. no one someone please help me
  10. i have slow speeds can someone please afford to give me a small space in their seedbox really would appreciate it. i posted on other forum lets see who gives first.
  11. hello guys im trading a 149 days filesonic premium account from today for a seedbox. PM me offers.
  12. hmm reddit? sounds good but any torrent page? lol. anyways any others? or do people need anything that doesnt exists on the internet.
  13. hello friends there are many things we need on the internet we got torrent sites public,private etc. but there's always something missing. so in this thread users can share their views on anything even invitescene(I dont think so there's also a suggestion ) torrent sites,google,yahoo etc.. almost anything even ISP everything. you can also post here sharing your views about what do the users need on the internet other than the existing sites. do we need a multifunctional site? consist of news,finance,sports,a private torrent,A technology blog,fashion,politics,games etc.. Yahoo is a multifunctional site but that doesnt has torrents ? so this thread is specially made for this purposes.
  14. lol im just joking i have 256 kbps with 8.00 usd. lol/
  15. i have a 12 mbps connection with cost as 8.00 USD in india.
  16. i cant access preto.me i tried firefox,chrome but i have the same problem.after that i used a proxy site and i entered the url preto.me and i got the page then when i inserted the pin nothing comes up! the main problem is why cant i access preto.me on my system. a help would be greatly appreciated(and i will give a rep :P ) SOLVED / DELETE THIS THREAD
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