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Torrent-Damage – Invite Applications!

Guest Ethan

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Guest Ethan

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Torrent-Damage is one of the well known and respected scene only based trackers. Site has a smooth layout and indexes over 47,000+ active torrents including over 600+ packs. Requests seem to get fulfilled rather fast as well as there are not too many which is a really good thing. Fast pre and fast speeds, TD has all you need when it comes to scene content. The sites has a very active users base and the forums are very popular with over 4,600+ threads and over 100,000 posts. TD is ratio based so you must maintain a healthy ratio if you want to be able to download, the site has free-leech torrents so this should be rather easy to maintain with all the leeching going on. Torrent-Damage is most definitely one of the hottest and best communities around.

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Don’t get suckered into paying for an account when you can apply for one yourself! Account trading is very bad, and you can get blacklisted on this and other private trackers. The safest way to get an account at TD (assuming you don’t have a friend with an invite to spare) is to apply using our easy to fill in application form. When applying, just a word of advice – be truthful.

Share the good news with your friends! Copy and paste this invitation to blogs! The party is just starting to get hot and we want new members to join in!

Disclaimers & Warnings: Not all applications will be successful. Applying for an account (even if it is for somebody else) when you already have an account will get your application declined and your original account disabled. Multiple declined applications will lead to your ISP being blocked. Applications from proxies/anonymisers and even seedboxes/dedi/vps/vpn services will be declined.

So to finally get to the point, if you would like to join this amazing site they have opened there invite application for new members to get in. How long this will stay open is unknown but I’m sure not very long as a site this good gets members fast and once they hit there quota they will most likely shut the doors again.

To join follow the link below and apply, enjoy TD.
Home Page: Here
Application: Here

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