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HDMKV – New HD Site Open

Guest Ethan

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Guest Ethan

Posted Image

In the world of HD files get bigger and better and we can always use new HD sites, am I right or am I right! HDMKV is a new HD site running on XBTIT and has a nice style kicking. Remember the Matrix and its awesomeness, well HDMKV has decided to go Matrix and is bringing back the code. I like the design of the site, very cool and easy to navigate. What do I mean by bringing back the code well just have a look.

Posted Image

Thats the background to HDMKV, pretty cool huh. Currently the site is open signups until they reach 1,000 members or until Dec. 25th which ever happens first then it will be invite only site after that so get your friends to sign up now. They are looking for new members, uploaders (they already have a few dedicated ones) and maybe some HD encoders if you got skills. The site has a nice browse page with detailed information and not to cluttering and over going like some sites may have.

Posted Image

There aiming to bring HD movies as soon as posible and build one of the largest movie data bases they can. To help get you started as members join all gold coin torrents are free download Posted Image Any torrent with a gold coin icon next to it will not counts towards your download but your upload will still count. This way it will allow everyone to get their ratio up. Current stats for the site as follow:

Posted Image

Also currently they are haiving a Upload Contest

upload any 720p or 1080p x264 encode or h264 remux and Blu-Rays, seed it till christmas to receive 10GB added to your account.

all uploads must be in .MKV container, BD25, or BD50
Grand prize whoever uploads the most completions by 12 pm GMT will also receive another 40GB upload credit
second place will receive 20GB upload credit

To join this site just sign up
Home Page: HERE
Sign-Up Page: HERE

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Guest pgmoney

I went over there to release encodes of my group, but got banned after confronting their internal. I already had a confrontation with the owner on another invite forum and he just closed the thread.

lies lies and more lies scrougemcduck you are so full of yourself nice photo shop work there m8.

the encodes you have listed in that screeny are internal encodes except 1 you added yourself which is moneyball. anyone who joins the site or is a memebr will see the source of encodes listed and the encode settings and writing library all in the torrent description.

here is what was posted at another site which is the real truth:

I recall you got banned and so did 3 other blu-bits members as you all was cursing in the shoutbox about the site and the uploader, i was on the site to witness it.

so you obviously used a proxy to get back in for that screen shot??

LOL I personally know he encoded those himself and notified him about this screen shot so he is going to start posting the source of what he encoded from in the details and even back track to add source location of bd25 or bd50. also did you notice the log file for encoding settings on the site in those screen shots, well i do not see any of the movies you have listed anywhere else there is files for encoding.

scroogemcduck why are you even worried about another site?

and here was why i closed the thread as you guys just kept trying to proxy in and run off new members and advertise your site with uploads that contained links to your site:

i didn't ban anyone so get you facts straight cause i have no ability to ban anyone, also on a side note the uploader/encoder in question seems to have source file in the torrent description, but i wont be replying to anymore of your posts as your clearly jealous of their site and just here to cause a stir, besides i got no real interest in this discussion, i think users/members can make up their own mind.

so please quit acting like you are 12 years old and take your basketball home cause another site is out scoring you.

you even got a warning on the tracker source code premium forums for your actions as you only set out to make another tracker that is doing better then you look bad and again dont expect any more replies from me here as well since i know where this leads is all childs play. so grow up kiddie and let the user decide for themself.

edit i know the encoder plans on releasing more of his own encodes this weekend and again will provide the source of bd25/bd50 and writing library etc... they do not rename other releases as you claim, and no i am not the owner of the site.

just found this from a friend on the site Posted Image

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Guest Ethan

Hmm.. So there is this war going on Between 2 Tracker Staffs on an Invite Forum :o :)

Guys , Chill .. Scrooge.. If what 'pgmoney' is saying is true , u r doing a bad thing :( ... And adding links to Torrents which go to ur website is an illegal way of promoting ur website ..

I dont really have much of an Idea about Movie Rips , Encodes etc.. But shit happens at times :) . . So forget it .. And Enjoy urselves :)



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Guest kensuaga

I have been with HDMKV for a couple weeks now and I really like it. The download speed is getting better but it is hard to tell when the files are so big. The only problem so far is that it seems like there is no one to seed to once I have downloaded a movie. As for the accusations I really hope this is not true.

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